Sunday, October 30, 2011

Elder Randall arrives safely in Ghana!

Hey mom! Africa is amazing i love all the people and everything. The food is alright its not that hard to adjust to it. the hardest thing to adjust to is the heat!!!!!!! It sucks the humidity is the worst. i sleep literally in my sweat! i have an amazing companion. His name is elder Nwoko his is from Nigeria he is quite a character hes kinda a little me. the MTC is quite amazing its fun and we have alot of classes but we get alot done and study alot. i dont know if i will be able to email everyone because i only have 30 mins to email and i have alot to say i can email every sunday for now but ya im excited to be here and couldn't be more ready. i am learning alot and couldn't be happier here. i have plenty of pictures. but i dont know when im going to be able to send any of them or anything. im looked up to in a sense and everyone loves how big i am and they say im like a john cena or a bautista its funny BUT my companion is about 5'7 and a whole 100 pounds and he has the bottom bunk and he has me sleeping on the top. i never thought id miss my soft bed and warm delicious food and cold room so much i love the place and the people but i miss being cold. i need a power converter and i need samis email and her address i forgot to get it. but maybe u could just text her and tell her everything is going good for me?:) im happy to be here i miss everyone at home more then i could have imagined! i cant wait to begin serving here and learning more about the culture. i like everything here but the food at times and the humidity i wanna be cold again and the only time that ever happens is when i take a cold shower! i miss you all and love you so much! have fun and be safe until next week:) love you all!!!