Monday, January 23, 2012

email highlights 1/23/2012

Hey:) I'm good. P-day is good, woke up early and rode to salt pond (45 mins) then worked out and then came home and just ate and washed clothes, nothing too exciting. We found more oreos, ahah i need to slow down on the eating. ahaha. i'm sorry you are sick again.
I want my old bb glove, not my new one and maybe an old right handed one and a baseball, please.
We didn't do anything really today, we have to go to Cape to play and we only have one reimbursed p-day so we didn't go, we went last week.
No, i didn't get my package yet, maybe this week. The president assistants get them, and on tues on district meetings the zone leaders go and get the letters and packages from the mission home and bring them to us.
We are teaching 11 new investigators and we have 2 or 3 commitments for baptism. They are all sweet, all smart and older people:) The baptisms are for Feb 4, and the transfers are Feb 8. I think i will stay here in Makessim. But it's FREAKING HUMID AS CRAP i don't like it, haha.
And no, I haven't gone to the temple since the MTC and I won't go again until I leave. The  temple is out of my mission.
Hahahaha, I knew they were going to play each other boo ya:)) (he's talking about the superbowl matchup of the Giants and the Pats). Tell dad I emailed him. But one thing, can u send me the recipe for the no bake oatmeal cookies?:) plllleassseeeee, lol
Thank you mom:)) i love you:) maybe if you think of other recipes like that it would be amazing:)
I love you, have a great week, tell everyone hi for me and give them all hugs and kisses:))))) Bye!

email highlights 1/19/2012

Well, the internet just stopped working and yesterday I was in Cape Coast all day on splits with my zone leaders and we spent the night there in their aparment and got back this morning. Elder Rogers and Elder Gibson are my zone leaders, they are cool, but me and Rogers have a lot in common, he's a baseball player and he's super cool. He's so chill stayed up til like 4 a.m. this morning talking it was fun:)  So can you maybe send my left handed baseball glove?? maybe?? And u wouldn't believe the food I have found:) haha Guess what I ate???
I found mac n cheese!!!!:))) omg so good ahha and we found oreos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))
And yes, that's good food:)) they don't sell cheese here so it's nice to have cheese:))
I found a place here I can make kentay ties, its sweet and they are pretty cheap, too, like 5 cedis for them and they are custom. It's tight:)  This guys name is kentay man. He's cool, lives in Cape Coast, he's tight, and ya, making some tight ones:)
And yes, I am working hard!!!!!!! I wake up early all the time and have to dress in church clothes all the time. Sometimes I just want my normal comfy clothes and jus to chill lol but i can't complain. I like it here. Ghana is cool.
Guess what our motto or theme this year is?? KIA KAHA!!!! FOREVER STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so tight:) I was like, no way, that's the theme?!! crazy!! ahah but its super cool:) and its the whole mission's theme!!
The weather is ok, i guess still hot, i sweat alot, i'm sweating alot now, haha, but ya the weather's what ever ha but the rain is NONE ha its the hamaton or something like that and its dry and dusty it sucks!
Well, i gotta go. i love you:) be safe have a great day and the rest of the week. remember i love you all. Kia kaha!!:))  i'm just waiting for Hunt so i love you bye!:) muah mi do we su:)  I love you too:)))))))

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

email 1/9/12 highlights

Sorry, the internet ran out last time:( but i m back another week later....the guy we went to festival with is Prince, he isn't that big, but African's hands are hard to size cuz they do all manual labor, lol (Cody wanted to get him a CTR ring but wasn't sure about the size). But his home town was maybe a 30 min drive from Makessim and we just walked around, ate fufu, he took us to the beach, and the festival. It was sweet:))
Today me and Kebbie went and worked out at my investigator's house (Ekow is his name) in Salt pond and it's a 30-45 min. bike ride but his gym is tight. We go there in the morning and work out at his homemade gym, and it's made from like gear parts and cannon balls, it's legit and the guys huge, ahah bigger than me. That, and washing is all i did today. Elder Kebbie is from Sierra Leon. Dodd and Hunt went to Cape Coast.  And yesterday we went to Sis. Elizabeth's, another investigator, and i trimmed a million of her bushes and trees and it was cool.
We have alot of appointments tomorrow 2:30 and after we are FULL. lol. We are giving our investigator and his brother a b of m. They receive one when we know they r serious haha. They read English, so they are English b of m's.
We ride our bikes everywhere. The bikes we have now are alot better and they should last. 
Thanks for all the prayers. I love you all. It's not easy though, I work hard for the things I am doing and that i have:) ahaha Kia Kaha, i will be forever strong.
I have to go soon so i love you, take care, say hi to brendan and happy birthday to him. Give him a big hug and kiss. Tell dad and everyone else hi too:)))). Tell them I love them alot and i can't wait to talk to u all again, this emailing is like one of the highlights of my week. But ya, i love you and i can't wait to see u all. I better be getting some pictures and a case for them:) u know u are allowed to send as many packages as u want?:)) lol 1-1000?? lol just saying...
Oh, and i decided i was going to send home my sd card instead of a cd. It'll be cheaper, and the cd might break:) Tell Dustin to check his email. I love you till next week :) Hugs and kisses!!:))) bye:)
Elder Cody Randall

email from Jan 3, 2012, highlights

How's my favorite mom:)?? P-day was cool. We went and worked out with our new investigator who has a home made gym. He is huge, he's bigger than me, like his arms are like as big as my head, it's crazy! We just bench, squat, and triceps, the basics. We ride our bikes like 45 mins. in the morning and 45 mins. back home, so haha, i don't need a treadmill. We went to Salt Pond, another area in Makessim by the beach, it's a tight little town, and we spent the day by the beach. The festival was cool, i'll send pics from it, very different haha. They sell small American clothes here, nothing that will really fit me. haha but i'm still shrinking. I have 1 African tie and i have an African shirt, its tight. But the Africans try to be American and wear American clothes, well half of them do, so it's not hard to adjust to. The moms here are big, yes, they stay at home and just clean and cook.
District meeting is everyone is our district, the missionaries, we just meet and talk and do stuff to learn what we could possibly do to improve and it starts at 10 and ends about 1 in the afternoon. We have a full day scheduled today. The teaching is great and the baptisms - we had 2 last Saturday, so it was cool. Hunt baptized this time.
I can't send any pics cuz i don't have my cord with me and the connection is slow. u will just have to be patient:) haha it's a virtue, aha it will be well worth it:) trust me.
I love you mom, thank u for everything:) i've learned alot and i appreciate everything u have done and given me, thanks a billion!:)

email 12/27/11 highlights

Hey!I didn't get to email yesterday because I was super busy. We went to Cape and played b ball and then we came home, washed, and had FHE, so no time. The connection is slow today and the people are plenty today.
I know things will be so different when i get home, it's crazy, ha, but please take me to McDonalds hah. It will be funny when you see me hah i'm skinny somehow and i'll be talking alot less americana and more ghanaian.
It's about to get crazy, like festival crazy! It'll be cool to see, but Friday we have a powerful member taking us to a tight festival, and it should be really fun:) Festival is just what it sounds like, a festival to celebrate Christmas and New Years. They dance and play drums, idk yet.
But i'm doing great. We just had a district meeting and we went to the store, I wanted more cornflakes, and they are ghetto, but better than oatmeal, ewwwwwww! and they have milk but it is super expensive so I just buy the dry milk, it's good i guess. They don't have chocolate milk, so i'm sad:( 
Well, I have to go, i love and miss you alot. Christmas for me was amazing hearing all you guys:)) but be safe. i love you. tell Gramps hi for me. love you:))))))

letter dated December 29, 2011

Dear Mommy,
I wish I could come home and sweep and mop the floor for you, and then we can go out and eat Cafe Rio. mmm sounds good to me! LOL. Well, I hope all is well back home and you finally got my package I sent to you! I hope you guys are having fun with Grandpa H! I miss you all alot and Christmas was definitely amazing being able to talk to you :) It was great to hear you all laugh and talk, it made me happy! But Happy early New Year's! I'm sure by the time you get this New Years will be long gone, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? But mom, I miss you and your home cooking and how we would always go shopping for good food and not just gross food. I'll be sending pictures to you soon, so don't worry!
Well, me do wu (me-doe-woo)=I love you!!
Be safe.
Elder Cody Randall

letter, dated December 17, 2011 (received 1/18/2012)

Hey Dad!It's Saturday, December 17, here in Africa. It's a beautiful day here. The sun is shining, and the kids are playing outside. It's a good day. Currently, me and my companion are listening to a talk called teaching by the spirit. It's really interesting. I've only been listening to it shortly, but it's cool. He says to always have a prayer in your heart, whether to help you teach or to help you convey your message. Then he showed an example of how a 14 year old boy had to give his first talk and he was mumbling and just staring at his paper and there was a man sitting in the back just thinking, and said, "why didn't the Bishop call someone else better to talk, this kid sucks." While a man sitting next to him was saying a prayer in  his heart that the young 14 year old boy would feel comfortable and be able to share his message with the congregation. Maybe 2 mins later, the boy looked up and said, "now brothers and sisters I don't know much about what's on this paper,"  and then he bore a very powerful testimony that brought tears to many. It was a cool story! But, I'm enjoying Africa. Teaching a lot of people and it's cool to teach these people when we don't exactly know what to say or what they want to know, so we teach by the spirit, it's awesome! But being on my mission has taught me alot. I'm learning alot, praying alot, and everything. I know I still have more to learn and I'm ready to learn. It's a great experience to be here. Well, dad , I love you and I know the church is true. I know through prayer we can have our questions answered and can receive help in no matter what we may need.  Everything and everybody can learn new things. It's great we can always learn something new. Knowledge is one of the only things we can take with us. Thank you dad for everything you have given me and taught me. I love you. Be safe.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Elder Cody Randall

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas phone call

A fi she a pa! (uh-fee-she-uh-paw) Merry Christmas in Fante! (Don't know if we got the spelling right)!  It was so great to get to talk to Elder Randall on Christmas day! We talked for almost 2 hours! He sounded so good, best Christmas present!!
He told us all about the teaching, his companion Elder Hunt, and the trials they face. They will be companions until at least February 8th. Then he will be a trainer. Crazy. It is harder than he thought it would be, but he is adjusting and learning to love it! Mondays are his p-days, and he gave us a summary of what his days are typically like. Wakes up at 6:30 a.m., eats at 7, personal study for 1 hour, then companion study, then lunch, then appointments and out teaching and proselyting till 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. then dinner and bed. Sleep, wake up and repeat!
Some sayings he shared: abolo (uh-bow-low) big man
When Cody arrives someplace where he knows the people he says, "Abolo aha" which means the big man is here!
"spoiled" means broken
"somehow" means maybe
"kwenti" means alot
"fresh boy" means you look good
"ampah" means true
"ji case" means stop talking
and many other new expressions which we did not catch:)
He is amazed at how family-oriented the people of Ghana are. Family is everything to them. He has enjoyed the slower pace of things, even though they walk ALOT! He has had huge blisters, but is enjoying the exercise.  And now, he has a bike, so they ride more, and he does NOT like to wash his clothes by hand! Also, for Christmas dinner, they went to "market" and bought 3 rabbits, and made rabbit stew! Yes, hard to believe that one, but he said it was really good. His roommate is a "country boy" and is definitely influencing the cooking. Mom is still having a hard time believing that one! haha:)
His testimony is growing and it is so great to hear him!! We love him so much and we are so proud of all the hard work he is doing! It is amazing to see the changes in him as he changes other people's lives!!
He misses us all, and we miss him, too!! He loves to get letters! So please, if you are reading this, please write to him:)
A fi she a pa!

email highlights from Dec. 20, 2011

(Note: Cody's Grandpa Randall passed away this last week and we had to notify him by email. This is the first communication after his learning of his grandfather's passing.)

Wow, that's crazy. How's dad doing? I m good. i know where he's going, we'll see him soon:) r u okay?
(I told him we are all ok, just very emotional. But yes, what a great thing to know where we are going)

The connection was down yesterday so we came today:) but yesterday we traveled to Cape Coast and played soccer, i did amazing:) had two assists and a goal:) aha im a beast! then we went shopping for food and got alot. We made spaghetti last night with homemade sauce it was yummy:) we just used hot dogs as the meat, not as good as urs:/ i miss ur food. I would like maybe some cake and pudding mixes ? idk, haha, we can bake a cake at the bread ladies place, or even a cake or some recipe would be awesome:) chocolate or vanilla or snickerdoodle or something like that, anything would be amazing:)
Yes, i m taking pics, no worries, ha, but i haven't burned them yet, i will soon. i will burn them and send them to u by all means necessary. U will have pics i promise. and yes i am feeling good, and no more hits, haha.
We had our Christmas celebration with the mission president last Thursday. It was cool, we got to watch "Forever Strong"!!:)))))))))  (Cody's favorite movie), and had rice and chicken, and we also got an awesome tie, Kente, it is sick:) and an oil vial:) sweet stuff.
I don't care about eating with my fingers haa its weird but its whatever, haha but i like it here, im losing weight so its nice:) ha. About the letter i sent, it is detailed like nothin else so don't worry and it's in the Christmas package so hurry home and get ur package haha, but ya i love you all:)
Missionary work is great!! teaching alot, but no more baptisms until the 31 Dec. And yes, I will be calling you on Christmas, in the morning, so no worries. We have a phone, i buy a chip and some credits and call u:) so don't worry, just be ready to get the call:)
Nyame do we means God loves you and mi do wu means i love you and haha im learning small small, haha.
I love you all so much and i miss you all. i can't wait to talk to u on Christmas, it'll be fun:) i love you be safe, be smart, eat alot of food for me and all that jazz aha. and u can write me letters too u know haha, jus saying. But anyway, i love you, have fun with the family, tell them all hi for me, and i love them and im sorry im not there but i know grandpa is in a better place! i love u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

letter, dated 12/17/2011

Dear Mom,
How is the GREATEST mother in the world?:) I hope everything is great! We have been working so hard lately it seems I haven't been able to write any letters. It's crazy. Me and Elder Hunt talked about that today walking home from our last lesson. Just to give you a little insight on what's happened in two days. Friday we had our first zone leader splits where a zone leader comes out with me and Hunt. We walked everywhere! Then today we went out at 11 like always, and taught a great lesson to a rather curious and smart girl. Then we went and walked another long way to go and teach a lesson and follow up on the kid I just baptized. Then we had a Brunch activity to go to at the church then we had another long/powerful lesson then we were walking home and I looked at the time and it was already 8:30! Day went by fast! I wanted to come home and write you all letters but tomorrow we are waking up at 5 a.m. to go and clean and prepare dinner for an investigator's family so she can come to church with us, so I hope it goes well. Man, so busy! It's already my 5th Sunday here. WOW! But how are things back home? Everyone okay? Have or had a Merry Christmas? Thanks for the cards!:) They're great! I want more pics too! But ya, we can email about the pics. haha! Well, I love you and miss you alot! Stay safe & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :)
Elder Cody Randall

email from December 12, 2011

Hey mom!
I am feeling better now. How are you? Africa is sweet, i m learning alot. Baptized all 3 people Saturday, it was so cool :) But today we just played basketball. I just sent you a long freaking nice letter and the computer deleted it. ughh. But Africa is sweet. I miss you all. I am teaching alot and we are learning and walking alot. I sent u alot of cool stuff from here and i need to tell you about the stuff in the package. haha.
But ya, um, I want a freaking hamburger, fries and shake so bad right now. Ugh. so bad, but ya Africa is sweet and losing weight, and cleaning, its fun:)))
Ya, I got the package, it was in good shape. It's hotter then heck here, its sooooo hot i don't like it and it never rains really here, it's maybe rained once. i sent u a long letter in the package i sent explaining life here so u will know everything soon:)
But mom, I have to go. i love you so much and thank you for everything:) Tell everyone I'm happy and fine, and i baptized 3 myself and i have 5 baptisms all together soon to be more:) love you, be safe mom!!:)) tell everyone hi for me. Thanks for everything again. bye:)

email from Sis. Shulz (mission President's wife), Dec. 12, 2011

Dear Sister Randall,
Thank you so much for the Christmas letter for your son. I'm sure it will help him to have a memorable Christmas here with us. He is such a fine young man. His companion was sick not too long ago, and he showed such genuine concern for him and took very good care of him. He is doing well. He will be an incredible missionary. He already is doing awesome. Thank you for raising such a wonderful son and thank you for sharing him with us?
With much appreciation,
Sister Shulz

email December 5, 2011 to his Dad

Thanks Dad! I love you and I know why I am here - to bring the gospel and eternal salvation to people's lives. I can't say I love it here, but I do really like it. It's not too bad. I love the people and we are having 4 more baptisms on Dec. 10th. So it's sweet, I'm working hard and sharing with people what you have taught me about the gospel and the truthfulness. I know sometimes I was a butt and a pain and you dealt with me and told me what was right. Thanks Dad! I'm glad you're my father. Make sure u keep a tight rope on Dustin and Brendan. We might be older and the decisions might be harder, but with what you have taught us we can easily conquer and overcome those hard decisions because of what u taught us and how u taught us to live. I love you and hope all is well :)
Love your son.

letter-December 10, 2011

Hey Family!
So I have realized that I have somehow neglected to tell you all about Africa. I'm just used to you all hearing and seeing the same things as me, so I guess I forgot! Sorry (cosay)! If you just ask me questions, I'll answer them all, every one. promise.
So, first washing my clothes with my hands is amazing! I never knew anything could be so much fun! Sike!
I hate it, it's absolutely horrible. My knuckles get raw and bleed and I have to scrub really hard to get some of the dirt out ugh! I think I'd trade my bad knee for a washing machine! I am adjusting somehow to the food, I eat alot of the same thing - indomie (like ramen), bread, rice, eggs that's what I love! I'm getting used to fufu, it's ok if I swallow small bites, big bites make me gag! Banku is okay, it's like fufu but you can chew it. It's better. And, yes, I have "pounded" fufu, and yes, you seriously pound the fufu. You take a stick, put the fufu in a big wooden bowl, and you POUND! until it's all soft. Thank you for the bacon. I saw it and just thought "awe, no way?!!" I love you! Amazing gift!
I have been feeling okay. I was sick 12/6-12/9, I had runny tummy, nausea, headache and chills and weakness. But I'm better now, HOPEFULLY! I did get my CTR ring, thank you! And the pics I will do, no worries.
Now my days usually consist of this: 6:30 a.m. arise, 7:00 breakfast, 8:00 personal study, 9:00 companion study until 11:00. At 11 we go out and proselyte until 12:30 which is lunch. 1:30 appointments until 8 or 9:00 p.m. and we come home and make dinner and sleep. The days can change. Sometimes we have so many people to teach, and the next none. We eat alot with family members now. We are even going tomorrow after church to eat and make fufu! Church is from 9-12 and we teach the Gospel Principles class. It'll be my 4th week tomorrow at church. Dang! We walk everywhere and it takes forever! It's not fun, I have blisters that are HUGE! We have bikes but they suck, they're built for small guys so I already broke one. Broke the handle bar clean in half! But the culture is sweet, alot different from home. No company-owned shops,they are family owned and family bought and everything. Family is a big thing here. It's cool! They are humble and so giving and kind and helpful. It's weird to be around people you don't know and they just ask how you are because they really care. Its's cool! Oh, clean water is also hard to find here, not for me, but for them. Don't worry!
Money is way different 85 dollars is 119 Ghana cedis. Our money is worth way more here, it's nice to see things cheap except for the American imported stuff. Expensive!
It hardly rains here in Makessim, maybe once the whole time I've been here. Humidity sucks, always wet, feels like I'm never dry, ugh it sucks! The power goes out alot too so no fans, we just sweat :(  Now, the ocean is beautiful! Breath-taking! there will be pics, no worries! :) But ya, that's life here. Feel free to ask questions! I love and miss you all! Hope your Christmas is amazing! I want pics and details and everything!
Ok, so Ghana has many beautiful things but is also has extreme poverty areas also. Trash everywhere. I don't think they know what a trash can is. Everywhere smells horrible. I mean, there are areas that smell great, but there are also areas that are gross. Stomach turning. The small children either run around naked or with just a shirt on. The take a pee anywhere! Seriously, outside a shop, side of the road, anywhere, they'll all just pee.
I travel in a tro tro, a van with the original seats stripped out then longer and more seats are welded in. It's crazy. I was somehow scared to ride in one the first time. haha.
Fante, I am coming along with, it's difficult to learn but it's okay. I sent sent some words and phrases in the letter.  Right now we are just finishing teaching Michael, Felix, Maxwell, and Elizabeth. I baptized Felix, Maxwell, and Elizabeth today. It was sweet! But ya, so now we are somehow finding new investigators, but we already have aound 7. So we should be super busy again! Oh boy, sounds tiring again, haha.
But tomorrow we will be pounding fufu and eating fufu and groundnut soup at Elizabeth's family, should be fun! Excited, haha.
We hang our clothes inside in our room to dry, because if we hang them outside there's a bug that will lay an egg in your clothes and the egg will hatch in your skin! For P-day we clean small, go to Cape Coast to play basketball, go eat chicken and fried rice, then we go home and do our wash, so fun, huh? Not! I rolled my ankle bad, but it's ok now, and my knee is okay. Can't complain yet.
But I love and miss you all so much!!!!!!
Love your son,
Elder Cody Randall

letter-December 2, 2011

Hey Mom!
How's Christmas coming along? I hope you're enjoying! For our Christmas me and my companion Elder Hunt are going to make either clam chowder or shrimp chowder with mashed potatoes, and Idk what else, that's Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas morning we are making BACON and EGGS! Bacon is really expensive here so I'll savor every bite! But ya that's my plans!
I bought you a necklace and 2 bracelets. The colorful bracelet was worn by royalty back in the day, it's made from stone and the second is wood carved, thought it was cool. Lastly, I bought you and dad a hand-carved Nativity set from Africa! Now how many people can say they have one of those, huh? Not alot, but I think it's really cool!
Well, I love you and pray for you often. We should be having another 4-5 baptisms Dec. 10th, Felix, Elizabeth, Maxwell, and Michael. Should be sweet! Love you and can't wait to hear from you! Hope you like the pics!:)
Elder Cody Randall

Letter - November 29, 2011

Hey Mom! How are you? Are you working or what? I miss you! I love you too! Africa is cool, but you might have to re-teach me things when I get home! Like how to say hello and how to eat with utencils again, and maybe how to make normal food again. 99% of the time we eat with our right hands, using your left hand is offensive to them. (note: Cody is left-handed)  And we only cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, rice, and indomie. It sucks! I want some freaking beef or some real meat!
I miss you alllotttt!! I hope all is well. And that you had a safe trip! Thanksgiving was great because of your potatoes - lifesaving!! I love you!
Elder Cody Randall

Hey Dad!
How's work? Hope you are building plenty of houses! I'm doing good, teaching alot and learning new things to! This language is hard! Fante is no bueno!
We have already had 2 baptisms, Jr. a 13 year old, and Sis. Joana a 23 year old barber. It was sweet! Dec 10 we are planning on baptizing 5 more. 15 yr. Felix, goes to school, 13 year old Elizabeth, 12 year old Maxwell, and 8 year old Michael. I'm not sure who the 5th will be but we will try for 5. But ya, that's what's going on here! Hope all is well. Love you Dad! Oh and I made a plan of salvation chart like Grandpa Randall's, it's sweet! Love you!
Elder Cody Randall

(a sweet letter I included to his little sister)
Hey Sis! How's school going? I heard you scored a goal! That's my girl!! Great job! I got you something for that goal. You'll just have to wait a little while for it, like two years.
But I love and miss you missy! Hope school is great! Remember to try your best at school and sports! Then you'll be awesome! I love you! Be safe! Write me! Wish I could be there for your baptism! So proud of you!
Elder Cody Randall

letter from November 23, 2011

Hey Family!
How are things? Africa is great. I went on my first split today, it was powerful! Committed 3 people to come to church, 1 to baptism, and found a new investigator, and not even in my area! Crazy stuff! I hope you all enjoyed my letters!
I love and miss you all more than I ever thought possible. I am so blessed and thankful for all of you guys!
Now in my area we are having 2 baptisms Saturday, Sis. Joana, a 23 year old barber, and Jr. a 13 year old boy. They are extremely excited! We also have 5 promising investigators and 1 I committed to baptism in December. The spirit was so strong it was awesome! I love it here. I'm kinda hungry ALOT! and I freaking have blisters GALORE on my feet:/ Oh well, part of the work! Love you all! Be safe!
Elder Cody Randall

P.S. Happy late birthday Mom! & Happy Thanksgiving!

       My Fante name is Quacy Potoco (Qua-cy Po-to-koo) BEAST!

DISCLAIMER from Shayne Randall

This blog is managed by Cody's mom. I have discovered that I am not a good blogger, but I promise to do better! It is so fun to get his emails and letters! I want to share them with others, but I find that I do it a month or more after I receive them. I will try to update more frequently.
The main point is that Cody is doing great! He is enjoying his mission, although he says it is harder than he ever imagined it would be! I am so proud of him and the work he is doing. It is fun to see him grow into an amazing young man!!
Another side note, the letters arrive a few weeks after they are sent, so they will be out of order, at times, from the emails, and may be repetitive.
ENJOY the reading!!