Tuesday, May 8, 2012

email highlights 5/7/2012

Hey Mom!
My week is great!!!! I'm in a village called Sofokrom, or Kojokrom, whichever you can find. It's next to Takoradi. I'm in Takoradi now ahha it's cool:] I'm in a new cafe it's sweet, so here are some pics, i don't know what the order is, but here are some:) and I sent my pics home, too, so u'll get them soon!:]] Its sweet and a lil less humid than Mankessim. I like it alot and its not like Mankessim at all. In Mankessim you can find everything and here u cant find hardly anything. i mean, in Mankessim i could find anything like foodwise i wanted, but here it is bush so i have to hunt and when i find it its higher prices haha. but oh well. I have a place in my area thats an island. I have to take a canoe to get to it:] Yea a canoe!! and its a canoe by a man wanting money, aha, but its cool!
I'm feeling tired at the moment, working hard and today for p-day we played some football, soccer and basketball. It was FUN!!:]
My apartment here i think, is better, but its nice:) living with Elder Hopkins from Utah,  Akpan from Nigeria, and Nwoko from Nigeria, my MTC mate!:]]. It's sweet, i'm enjoying!
We are a ward, it's nice to have an actual building ahha. but i'm having fun, and i'll be calling shortly, don't worry!!:]]
I'm about done, times up here, so I love you and enjoy the pics!:]] but i love you mom, ur amazing. Tell everyone hi for me:]]] LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Cody Randall

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

email highlights 4/30/2012

Hello mom! I am doing great! I have some BIGGGGGGG news!
I am being transferred to a place called "co-joe-chrome" idk how to spell it, but that's where I am going to be with my mtc companion Elder Nwokko!! Crazy stuff!!!!! I guess it hardly ever happens (that he gets to serve with his MTC mate) but it's cool:) and it happens this Weds! idk how far it is yet, but ya i'm goin there:) It's close to a place called Takoradi.
I'm excited but heck yes, i'm super sad to be leaving Mankessim. I love it here!! but hey "I'll go where you want me to go"!! Martin is staying and training a new guy.
My p-day was awesome. We played soccer again and I'm really good at it now:) I scored today and i'm an amazing defender:) aha jus sayin:) but it was alot of fun:) now I have to go home and do wash.
I baptized 5 people and 3 others from the other areas:) it was really really cool:)
I read Lauren's talk and it was sweet:) that girl is powerful:)!!
Please tell Ryan to send music to me please:) and send it in a flash drive please:) I bought a speaker, it's sweet, it plays flash drives, sds, and cds. It's cool, basically everyone has one, so that's why I got it:) But ya music in a flash drive would be amazing from him:) tell  him i'd appreciate it alot!!:))
And, i'm sorry, but i thought i told you about my birthday, so i'll tell you now...i woke up at 6:30 a.m. to a boy named Herbert throwing a package full of goodies - soda, pringles, yummy stuff- and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDALL! i was so happy, it was cool and it felt like i was back at home:) then we went out and taught and it was good, then we had some good fufu:) mmmm it was a great day, but i missed you guys alot! It's crazy to think that I celebrated my birthday in AFRICA! You never could have told me in a million years that I was going to go to Africa and have my 20th and 21st birthdays. I would've been - ya right, you're crazy!!
POWERFUL!:)) (he's referring to his dad baptizing a friend this Saturday)
Sweet, i love letters:) i did get some from the Eckersleys but i've been so busy i haven't replied:(
I sent Terri's letter to you, so you will have to give it to her.
I can't wait to talk to u all!:)) be safe and know that i love you all so very very very much!!!!:)) LOVE AND HUGS FROM AFRICA!!:))))

E-mail highlights 4/24/2012

Hi Mom!
I had a great week, and I'm feeling good:) and the Dr. really didn't say anything just that I didn't damage my rotator cuff, but nothing more. but I got x-rays so we will see what they say soon, if anything, but i feel good:)) We had a sweet p-day:)) we went to the beach then made brownies after the beach:) They were so good everyone that was there says to say thank you!:)) So yes, I got your package and Terri's, sooo good, thank you so much! (that's how I made the brownies).  And I don't care if it was melted, chocolate is chocolate!:) so good:)) ahah and Terri's package was yummy, and bunch of cookies:) so good!:))  And yes, some jokester stuff - it's cool:) haha i wrote her, don't worry!
The teaching is great, we taught alot of lessons, like I wanna say almost 30 lessons last week:) it was tight!
It sounds like u guys are having alot of fun without me. hah some ribs and bathing the dogs and nice cool days playing sports...oh man I'd kill for that!!! but i'm jealous haha, I wanna be home enjoying!::))) But, I'm here enjoying haha and having fun!! I don't think I can skype, but i will let you know. haha i'm excited to talk to everyone!!:))) and lucky missionaries, they don't know what they get to enjoy!! But that's cool. It sounds like a busy week. haha fun:)!
We are preparing 5 people for baptism:) it's sweet!!:) I am excited! we should have them baptized on Saturday:) yayaya ahahah:)
I love you Mommy:) Be safe and have a great week! ur baby boy is ok and he loves u!:)) very very much, i can't wait to talk to u, i miss you so much!! but again, be safe and know that I am good!:))  Sorry about not writing u lately, been busy:/ but i wrote us this week:) so no p!
I love you again. Tell the family hi for me too:)))

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

email highlights 4/16/2012

Hi Mom!
I am feeling great:) aha kinda feeling fat actually lol but i'm great:)! AH MY WEEK WAS GOOD!
Working hard preparing 5 people for baptism:) There are two 21 year olds, an 11 year old, a 12 year old, and a 15 year old:) aha its cool:)!! For p-day we went to Cape Coast and went to the beach and played catch for a bit and just hung out on the beach it was fun!:))) Soon, I promise, I will be sending my pics. I will not send any now cuz the stupid computer has viruses and gave my card a virus last time i sent pics, so ya, i almost lost all my pics :(( sorry, but soon, i promise!!!:) I do need a new card. I have 2- 8 gigs and a 4 gig and i'll be sending one home. so ya lol but today was sweet:) after the beach we went to the zone leaders apartment and we made chicken burritos mmmm i'm a good cook:) it was yummy and now we are back in Mankessim emailing:)  Umm no packages yet but maybe tomorrow or next week. And the next package you send I need another deodorant stick, shampoo, maybe some sharpie pens - red, blue, and black:) the thin ones:) please, coloring gets me by when the lights are out. Um, also stamps, a few more pens, and also both lined and blank paper:) So just a supply package, feel free to throw in like the cake batter mix and the brownie mix and cookies?:) and the bacon bits:) ahah jus sayin:)) love them:)))))
And ya, i know the time it just kinda seems to pass by when i don't think about it, ha working my butt off pays off. haha. But I did get Grandpa's letter, and i wrote him back:) I've just been writing you and the family is all, no one else really, i'm too busy, so if someone wants a letter they can write me first LOL but i'm doing great:) Easter was good, had some amazing fufu it was sooooo good:))
My companion is tight, he's from Texas and he's cool:) Me and Adair are pretty close now (the other guy in the apartment) and ya I am sorry about the short letters and stuff but we are super busyyyyy!
And i swear i wrote you a letter about my bday, but it was a good bday and no i didn't make the cake from ur mix, i usually just make the mix and eat it like ice cream lol but it's good:)!! and yummy!!:)) thank u!!:)))))) um i did have a cake, sis. martha, a member makes cakes and she made me one for my bday:) mmm it was good:)) But I eat all the mixes like ice cream:) hah the big ones, Betty Crocker, are the best, like the cake u sent omgosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))) Everyone enjoyed them, i'm so giving:) And I know it's not good for u at all but it tastes sooo good:))!!!
Its sounds like you've been super busy, sorry i'm not there to take that EXTRA load off. I love you too mom:) Have I told you lately?:) haha i hope all is amazing :)  i have to go so i love you and i miss you. Be safe and have a great week!:) Oh, and i'm going to the hosp tomorrow to get checked up on from the accident so i'll let you know what's up:) i'm fine though:)  loves and hugs from Africa to Vegas!!!:)))))))  kia kaha

Hi Dad!
Wow! That's a neat experience, ya life is good here and the saviour helps out all the time, even when we think he doesn't he is always there:) always!:) I taught on Tuesday and gave an instruction on how to be more Christ-like. It was a powerful lesson. I prepared it a day before cuz i've been so busy. The spirit is so powerful it helps u so much to grow and learn and help others to learn. U really need to listen to the still small voice it's there for the better and will always keep u on the straight path and help you to choose the right and let u know for yourself the things u r learning are true and the things are not just words. It's a sweet promise. Even recently i just bought a small notebook to write scripture references:) it's cool if u ask me, i'm excited to have 2 years to fill it:) but i do have a question to ask- where is the spirit world? Brigham Young talked about it in one of his talks and said something so maybe you can research it:) ha just an idea. There are some nights we stay up and just have deep talks on doctrine. It's sweet. I'll come home and do the same with you. I love you and pray for u and the family each night. We are preparing 5 people for baptism it's sweet and exciting:) have a sweet week and be safe:) i love you!:)

letter April 10, 2012

Hey Mother:)
How are you doing? I have still yet to receive any hand written letters from you or dad! So get on it please and thank you! This past week has been crazy! Been busy like no other, barely have enough time to write letters, so sorry if its short but as I was saying, this week was sweet!:) Having alot of fun, I'd say. My packages are amazing! I ate just the cookie dough, mmmm so good! Definitely send me more of the cake and brownie and cookie dough mixes and pudding :) LOL maybe some like alfredo sauce, too? Idk you are the packing expert!:) I LOVE YOU! This week we've taught 28 lessons, 40 gospel convos, & 3 baptismal dates are set!:) P-day was good, played football then we came and got money, came home and emailed and then went & taught 2 lessons. Didn't get home until 9:30 p.m. then I did small wash cause all my clothes are dirty, then I studied small on my lesson for today and then fell asleep. Woke up and studied more and now I'm writing you!:) Busy! I love you Mommy and I am so thankful for you!:) 
Sorry my letters short- time crunch!
I love you! with all my Love & Hugs,
Elder Cody Randall

p.s. the muscle milk was good, could use some more:) jus sayin LOL!

email highlights 4/3/2012

I'm doing grandtastic:)) how are you?  Thank u so much for my package:)))))  I had a great birthday!!ahah but my favorite thing was the card:) i love you mom and I hope all is well:)) be safe and know that i love and appreciate u so verryyyy much!:)))
Elder Cody Randall