Tuesday, May 8, 2012

email highlights 5/7/2012

Hey Mom!
My week is great!!!! I'm in a village called Sofokrom, or Kojokrom, whichever you can find. It's next to Takoradi. I'm in Takoradi now ahha it's cool:] I'm in a new cafe it's sweet, so here are some pics, i don't know what the order is, but here are some:) and I sent my pics home, too, so u'll get them soon!:]] Its sweet and a lil less humid than Mankessim. I like it alot and its not like Mankessim at all. In Mankessim you can find everything and here u cant find hardly anything. i mean, in Mankessim i could find anything like foodwise i wanted, but here it is bush so i have to hunt and when i find it its higher prices haha. but oh well. I have a place in my area thats an island. I have to take a canoe to get to it:] Yea a canoe!! and its a canoe by a man wanting money, aha, but its cool!
I'm feeling tired at the moment, working hard and today for p-day we played some football, soccer and basketball. It was FUN!!:]
My apartment here i think, is better, but its nice:) living with Elder Hopkins from Utah,  Akpan from Nigeria, and Nwoko from Nigeria, my MTC mate!:]]. It's sweet, i'm enjoying!
We are a ward, it's nice to have an actual building ahha. but i'm having fun, and i'll be calling shortly, don't worry!!:]]
I'm about done, times up here, so I love you and enjoy the pics!:]] but i love you mom, ur amazing. Tell everyone hi for me:]]] LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Cody Randall

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