Wednesday, May 2, 2012

email highlights 4/30/2012

Hello mom! I am doing great! I have some BIGGGGGGG news!
I am being transferred to a place called "co-joe-chrome" idk how to spell it, but that's where I am going to be with my mtc companion Elder Nwokko!! Crazy stuff!!!!! I guess it hardly ever happens (that he gets to serve with his MTC mate) but it's cool:) and it happens this Weds! idk how far it is yet, but ya i'm goin there:) It's close to a place called Takoradi.
I'm excited but heck yes, i'm super sad to be leaving Mankessim. I love it here!! but hey "I'll go where you want me to go"!! Martin is staying and training a new guy.
My p-day was awesome. We played soccer again and I'm really good at it now:) I scored today and i'm an amazing defender:) aha jus sayin:) but it was alot of fun:) now I have to go home and do wash.
I baptized 5 people and 3 others from the other areas:) it was really really cool:)
I read Lauren's talk and it was sweet:) that girl is powerful:)!!
Please tell Ryan to send music to me please:) and send it in a flash drive please:) I bought a speaker, it's sweet, it plays flash drives, sds, and cds. It's cool, basically everyone has one, so that's why I got it:) But ya music in a flash drive would be amazing from him:) tell  him i'd appreciate it alot!!:))
And, i'm sorry, but i thought i told you about my birthday, so i'll tell you now...i woke up at 6:30 a.m. to a boy named Herbert throwing a package full of goodies - soda, pringles, yummy stuff- and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDALL! i was so happy, it was cool and it felt like i was back at home:) then we went out and taught and it was good, then we had some good fufu:) mmmm it was a great day, but i missed you guys alot! It's crazy to think that I celebrated my birthday in AFRICA! You never could have told me in a million years that I was going to go to Africa and have my 20th and 21st birthdays. I would've been - ya right, you're crazy!!
POWERFUL!:)) (he's referring to his dad baptizing a friend this Saturday)
Sweet, i love letters:) i did get some from the Eckersleys but i've been so busy i haven't replied:(
I sent Terri's letter to you, so you will have to give it to her.
I can't wait to talk to u all!:)) be safe and know that i love you all so very very very much!!!!:)) LOVE AND HUGS FROM AFRICA!!:))))

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