Tuesday, May 1, 2012

email highlights 4/16/2012

Hi Mom!
I am feeling great:) aha kinda feeling fat actually lol but i'm great:)! AH MY WEEK WAS GOOD!
Working hard preparing 5 people for baptism:) There are two 21 year olds, an 11 year old, a 12 year old, and a 15 year old:) aha its cool:)!! For p-day we went to Cape Coast and went to the beach and played catch for a bit and just hung out on the beach it was fun!:))) Soon, I promise, I will be sending my pics. I will not send any now cuz the stupid computer has viruses and gave my card a virus last time i sent pics, so ya, i almost lost all my pics :(( sorry, but soon, i promise!!!:) I do need a new card. I have 2- 8 gigs and a 4 gig and i'll be sending one home. so ya lol but today was sweet:) after the beach we went to the zone leaders apartment and we made chicken burritos mmmm i'm a good cook:) it was yummy and now we are back in Mankessim emailing:)  Umm no packages yet but maybe tomorrow or next week. And the next package you send I need another deodorant stick, shampoo, maybe some sharpie pens - red, blue, and black:) the thin ones:) please, coloring gets me by when the lights are out. Um, also stamps, a few more pens, and also both lined and blank paper:) So just a supply package, feel free to throw in like the cake batter mix and the brownie mix and cookies?:) and the bacon bits:) ahah jus sayin:)) love them:)))))
And ya, i know the time it just kinda seems to pass by when i don't think about it, ha working my butt off pays off. haha. But I did get Grandpa's letter, and i wrote him back:) I've just been writing you and the family is all, no one else really, i'm too busy, so if someone wants a letter they can write me first LOL but i'm doing great:) Easter was good, had some amazing fufu it was sooooo good:))
My companion is tight, he's from Texas and he's cool:) Me and Adair are pretty close now (the other guy in the apartment) and ya I am sorry about the short letters and stuff but we are super busyyyyy!
And i swear i wrote you a letter about my bday, but it was a good bday and no i didn't make the cake from ur mix, i usually just make the mix and eat it like ice cream lol but it's good:)!! and yummy!!:)) thank u!!:)))))) um i did have a cake, sis. martha, a member makes cakes and she made me one for my bday:) mmm it was good:)) But I eat all the mixes like ice cream:) hah the big ones, Betty Crocker, are the best, like the cake u sent omgosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))) Everyone enjoyed them, i'm so giving:) And I know it's not good for u at all but it tastes sooo good:))!!!
Its sounds like you've been super busy, sorry i'm not there to take that EXTRA load off. I love you too mom:) Have I told you lately?:) haha i hope all is amazing :)  i have to go so i love you and i miss you. Be safe and have a great week!:) Oh, and i'm going to the hosp tomorrow to get checked up on from the accident so i'll let you know what's up:) i'm fine though:)  loves and hugs from Africa to Vegas!!!:)))))))  kia kaha

Hi Dad!
Wow! That's a neat experience, ya life is good here and the saviour helps out all the time, even when we think he doesn't he is always there:) always!:) I taught on Tuesday and gave an instruction on how to be more Christ-like. It was a powerful lesson. I prepared it a day before cuz i've been so busy. The spirit is so powerful it helps u so much to grow and learn and help others to learn. U really need to listen to the still small voice it's there for the better and will always keep u on the straight path and help you to choose the right and let u know for yourself the things u r learning are true and the things are not just words. It's a sweet promise. Even recently i just bought a small notebook to write scripture references:) it's cool if u ask me, i'm excited to have 2 years to fill it:) but i do have a question to ask- where is the spirit world? Brigham Young talked about it in one of his talks and said something so maybe you can research it:) ha just an idea. There are some nights we stay up and just have deep talks on doctrine. It's sweet. I'll come home and do the same with you. I love you and pray for u and the family each night. We are preparing 5 people for baptism it's sweet and exciting:) have a sweet week and be safe:) i love you!:)

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