Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letters dated Oct 7, 2012

Hey Mom!
So, this past week has been pretty good! Monday, as you know, was deep cleaning day. Not too fun, had to scrub the gross bathroom! No Bueno! I couldn't remember how to spell bueno! What?! So, Tuesday, 2 Oct 2012 had district meeting and instructed on obedience. Taught 3 sweet lessons but had to clase early because of rain! Wed 3 Oct the day kinda fell apart, rained all morning. Finally let up for us to teach our powerful investigator, Samuel, so smart! 4 Oct Thurs I was sick so I just stayed at home and played "golf" a new card game I learned. Went by kinda fast. Elder Baird was sick with a bug so me and him stayed home while the others went out. Oct 5, Friday, good morning. Me and my companion, or "son" are ALOT different than each other. It's kinda hard sometimes, but we are still enjoying. God works in mysterious ways. lol. Had a great lesson with a girl by the name of Celestina, then taught another sweet lesson to a girl named Esi. It was sweet. They're both super smart! Then we went and taught Bro. Samuel again, he's so powerful, it's crazy, so smart, too. He is really big into families so it's awesome to teach him. We just got done teaching the plan of salvation. Then we had a party for Elder Okaka, my MTC mate, had fufu, brownies, and fan ice soo yummy! Awesome day!:) Sat Oct 6 - taught 2 great lessons to Constance, a girl we will be baptizing Oct 21, then taught a girl named Cecilia the BofM powerful lessons! Had to end early again cuz of the rain! Then, today, Oct 7, Sunday, was great! Church got moved to 8:30 a.m. instead of 10:30 a.m. so kinda not happy about that, but it's good! It was a great Sunday! Testimony meeting was great! Went up and bore mine. I think I've bore my testimony every fast Sunday here. It's sweet! Got a sweet referral today, so excited to be teaching him! He's a smart man! This area is sweet! I love it here, mom, and I'm enjoying! I love you all and hope all is Great! Be safe and know I love you and we're working hard!
Elder Cody Randall

Hey Dad!
How's it going? I hope and pray and is well and you're all safe! Things are going GREAT here in Ghana. This area Telecom is a sweet area! Alot of great members and people here! Should be having between 4-8 baptisms in the next 3 months. Sweet, right?! So, as I was saying, life's great here! LOVE IT!! Learning somethng new everyday. I always write some sayings on my planner for remembrance and motivation. The things for this planner are 1. "Don't judge me cuz I sin differently than you" 2. "Every person is my superior is one way" and 3. "Lose yourself in the service of God". and on the back "Just Do It!" Yeah, buddy, we be workin! So in answer to your question about Moses 3:7, so from my understanding I think we are considered SOULS in a body. You read we are Spirit children and when we entered into our body we became a "living soul" maybe meaning someone who can grow and learn, where to a spirit can't grow. And when we read, the prophets always advise us to serve with all our heart mind and soul, meaning EVERYTHING we have! But idk, that's just what I think. Another question is how, or can the soul die? Just something that came to my head just now. But, ya, so lately, I've been reading alot of the Bof M and New Testament. I'm in Alma 56 about Moroni, he's so powerful. The example he sets for his sons or people is so amazing! Alma 48:17 says all that needs to be said about Moroni. Also, the love Helaman had for the 2000, or as he called them, his sons, was great. Every battle fearing they might have died, but not one had fallen, what great faith the young men had! There is a blessing and a curse put upon America. As you read in Alma 45:16, and you remember if you are faithful you shall prosper in the land. God throws us curve balls of heart ache and accidents to STRENGTHEN us and our faith, not to destroy it. Faith is that of a muscle. If you want to become stronger, do you do nothing, or stay at the same weight? NO! You test yourself and push yourself. Just like God does to strengthen our faith. I love you Dad! Thank you for everything! Have a safe and great week!
Elder Cody Randall

Hey Lauren!
How's it going baby girl? Everything here in good ole Ghana is GREAT!lol. Mom told me you are doing amazing in volleyball. So great job! That's my girl! She also told me you are having tons of fun with the sport, she says you're very athletic which is AWESOME! Sorry that I'm missing out on it, but don't worry, when I get home, I'll make up for the lost time! You can show me all your volleyball moves and all your new soccer moves. It'll be sweet cuz I've gotten pretty good at soccer now, too. So it'll be awesome. Get to see who's better!:) Well, sweetie pie, everything here is great, like I said. Really having a lot of fun! I'd say I'm becoming a pretty sweet cook, too! My companion, Elder Lucas, has taught me how to cook some pretty yummy things. I'll show you all my tricks when I get home!:) I'm in a new area as well, called Telecom its in Assin Foso. It's a nice place, I like it alot! The missionary work is really progressing and the members are really cool!:) Kinda all the wards are like my family somehow. They all LOVE me. I mean, who can't, right?! We should be having a baptism this coming 21 October, so it should be sweet!:) Laurenarella, I miss you!! I love you so much!!
All my Love,
Elder Cody Randall

Letter dated Sept 25, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and Family!
Sorry I haven't written you in a while. I've been super busy. Training, studying, teaching, and all that good stuff. So, I apologize. But, everything is going good. Having fun like always:) So, I'll just go through my past 2 weeks! So, Sept 10, just washed and had a fufu party, it was yummy!:) Then Sept 11 we had mission tour where ALL the missionaries in the Cape Coast mission met and it was sweet to see everyone. Then ate chicken and rice for lunch there. Sept 12, just a normal missionary day. Sept 13, sick, but at 5 went and taught. Sept 14, normal missionary day, walked a ton! It was a great day though! Sept 15, we went to farm with our Bishop. It was cool, got the Bishop to dance, it was sweet. funny, too. I heard the Bishop was pretty tough and stiff...not for me, but not by my own strength but God's. He is a sweet guy! Gets work done! Sunday Sept 16 was good, had a baptism of 2. Was good, my companion baptized. Sept 17, did nothing, power was out ALL day, played UNO. lol. Sept 18, normal missionary day, taught sweet lessons! Sept 19 had a meeting with Dr. Fife about health, lasted ALL day, no bueno. Sept 20-21 were just normal mission days, worked and walked alot it was a good few days though!:) Sept 22, we went to our Bishop's farm again, it was sweet! He has coco plants so we just treated them, good day though. Sept 23 Sunday was good. Good sacrament, had ward council afterwards, then taught a sweet lesson to 2 girls. Ended up being stuck at their house cuz a huge rainstorm. It was crazy! Then yesterday, Sept 24 was sub day or money day, ya buddy! :) Went to Cape Coast and played football (soccer) on the turf field. Then pulled money and gave Elder Adair my camera to see how much it is to fix my camera. Then got to the Cape Castle restaurant and ate a hamburger and fries. First time my entire mission, it was soooo freaking good! But way too expensive, spent 12 cedis there, too much. Then I sent your package for way too much, stupid customs price raised so I was soo pissed. Then came home, showered, and had breakfast. Great p-day. So ya, that's what I've been up to, sorry I haven't emailed or sent pics, but not my fault. Takoradi internet was like America, but here it's not at all and power is shaky. But I do my best! Well, mom, I'm doing great and thank you soooo much for EVERYTHING you do and have done for me. I can't express it enough. I know it's not easy. But I love and miss you guys so much! Have a great week. I love you all and be safe! Mi do wo!
Always with all my love,
Elder Cody Randall

Letter dated September 10, 2012

Dear Family,
Wow, hey guys! sorry.....I've been super busy lately. Lots of last minute teaching and good-byes. But it's been a great time here. Sofokrom was AWESOME! I loved that place so much! The members, investigators, everything was great!:) Seriously, it was awesome being there. I'm going to miss them so much. People there I'll never forget!! It was seriously SOOO much fun! My last Sunday there, I didn't tell anyone I was going yet. It was fast and testimony meeting, so I just got up last and bore my testimony. Then after I expressed all my love and appreciation for them, I said I was leaving, you could just see everyone's faces got super sad. Closing hymn we sang, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again". wow inspired! The spirit was so strong! It was amazing, really unforgettable! Love that place so much though! Everyone was sad to have "Kwasi Pataku" Elder Randall their "powerful" missionary, leave them. I was almost brought to tears. Deep sorrow and love enveloped my soul for these people. I can't even imagine how I'll feel leaving. Looking forward to it, but then again, ehhh....not so much. lol. Well, ya, I'm training and in a new area called Telecom in a zone called Assin Foso, way far away from everything, but it's cool. I'm training an Elder Lucas from Utah, sweet kid. Says he actually saw my "blog" you have about me before he came, kinda cool. But it's definitely hard training in a new area where you start from scratch. lol. But I love you guys and miss you all so much! Be safe, muah!
Love from Africa,
Elder Cody Randall

letters dated August 19, 2012

Sorry Mom and Dad about no personal letters, but I'm tired and I was busy today. so (mi poucho fechem) I'm sorry please forgive me. So this week was good. Monday played soccer and emailed then FHE it was great. Happy I was able to email the two of you! How was SeaWorld, or should I say California? I'm jealous! Wish I could have been there enjoying with you, but I'm sure you had a great time!:) Tues - had a good district meeting, found out Elder Akpan is leaving and Elder Brown my MT (person who was in the MTC the same time as me) is coming, so should be sweet! Taught a really good lesson to Sis. Natasha, just one, but it was good, all our others fell through. Made a stew, tomato paste, onions, green peppers, garlic and seasoning. mmm yummy, and hot dogs, yum! Weds. - went on splits with our new district leader Elder Rowe from Sierra Leone, sweet guy! Went out to the beach and taught sis. Charity and Sis. Patience great lessons along with Sis. Charity's interview for baptism. At the Eyway food A-poung. Yumm! and 3 coconuts:) So full! Came back to Sofokrom and had PEC, it was good. Then taught Bro. Solomon and he was great!:) Thurs- our appts in the morning dropped, both of them, so be decided to explore our new area. "The Bush" LOL. It was good,  met some potential investigators and went and taught Solomon again on the resurrection and Heaven, went great! He is ready for baptism. Friday was a bust, every single one of our appts fell through. So we visited members and helped them out alot. Saturday was good, went to a service project "weeded" which was fun:) came back home, dressed, and went to our baptism, was good. Baptized only Bro. Solomon, Sis. Charity got sick and couldn't come, so next week! Today was good. good Sunday went and taught Primary today, it was fun!:) I love you guys soooo much and miss you like crazy! Be safe and KNOW that I am great! I love you and I couldn't be in a better place at this time:) All my love!
Elder Cody Randall

letters dated August 12, 2012

Hey Mom!
How are things back at home? This past Tuesday I received your envelope you sent! Got here quick, thank you very very much for everything that you sent, the chicken, tuna, jerky, mixes, toothpaste (which was much needed), shampoo, EVERYTHING! THANK YOU! I did notice on the package list deodorant, but there was none, so hopefully you just forgot it and no one stole it. LOL But again thank you so very much. Oh, also for the book. I've been reading almost everyday, it's a great book:) So how are you? Hope all is going well. I miss you all!!! Sooo my week hmmm...It was fun, I guess, LOL. Monday-p-day, played soccer and scored 3 goals, ya boy! Then emailed in Takoradi and then went and had a good FHE with Angelous. Talked on how we should feed our spirits and not our body. Tues- District meeting was powerful:)  I must say. I instructed on Honesty and WOW the spirit was with me it was awesome!:) The most powerful instruction I've given yet. The rest of the day was good, taught 3 lessons, good day. Weds- taught 2 really good lessons:) and had PEC. Thurs- was kinda a bust all but 1 appt fell through, but the important one we saw  had a really good lesson:) Friday- decided to explore the unknown areas of our area. Found a man named NaNa, smart, said he's really interested and had a really good lesson with him:) Sat - the day was filled with walking,  no one home LOL so we helped clean the church and ate Banku and coconuts mmm yummy!:) Sunday church was good:) Had 3 investigators come to church. Taught them really good lessons! We are preparing to baptize 2 people this coming Saturday, exciting!!:) So that was my fun filled week which included me dancing Azonto and people calling Kwasi Pataku:) So I love you all, have a great week!
Love and Hugs,
Elder Cody Randall        mi do wo!

Dear Dad,
Hey Pops! How are doing? How's work? Church? the family? Any questions you got for a son who wants some?:) LOL So this past week, I got the book you sent me "The Discourses of Brigham Young" WOW, he was a great, spiritual man! When I've been reading it I can still feel the power and conviction that he probably had while saying what he said. It's awesome I really like it alot! Thank you for sending it. I've been highlighting the passages I like, hope you don't mind. So, I've been studying that, along with Alma 17. I really like the example the sons of Mosiah set in 17:2-3 it shows us what we should do and how we can be strong in the faith or gospel.  v. 11 I like as well instructions on how to be God's instruments. 18:30-35 I like as well, real teaching tools in such an old book. lol. I also started reading the Bible I read Gen 1-6 and I learned things lol. Ch 1 talks about the days of God's creation. I also learned in ch 2:10-14 of 4 rivers that flowed the Garden of Eden. Ch 3:14-15 curse upon Satan. v. 22 how we are like Gods. Ch 4:11-15 curse of Cain, also in Moses 5:37-41. Ch 5 geneology. Ch 6 drew a question on v. 6 it says the Lord repented, can God repent? (see Moses 8:25) Also read Matthew 1-7, Ch 1 talks alot on the conception of Jesus 1 8-25. Ch 3 Jesus baptism 13-17 & John the Baptists instructions (3:2-3) Ch 5 2-11 they are key indicators of blessings. God will still bless the wicked cuz he loves them, and if he didn't he'd be taking away their agency. Cause they know they need to be righteous for blessings. But God blesses the righteous more because of their righteousness. Also v. 16 is nice to read:). Also v. 34-35 don't swear! v. 44 advice:) ch 6:1-7 why we shouldn't pray and boast of blessings miracles. Also v. 14-15 Forgiveness v. 19-21 read and apply. v. 24 speaks for itself. v. 31-33 blessings from tithing:) Ch7:7-11/ v. 13-15 straight is the gate narrow is the way:) Things I learned! I love you Dad! And am so grateful for you. Have a great week!
Elder Cody Randall

letters dated August 5, 2012

Dear Mom!
How are you? How was SeaWorld? Did Brendan win their games? I  hope all is great:) This past week was really good! Still pushing back those people we wanna baptize till they are ready. It should be, at the latest, the end of this month. So my week: Monday woke up, cleaned the apt and played soccer in Takoradi and afterwards the couples brought lunch for everyone, chicken sandwiches and chips. mmm so good!:) Tasted small like home! Then emailed and went to Angelous's house and had family home evening. It was really good:) Tuesday - District meeting was good but the day was kinda a bust all our appointments fell through. It's ok though. Wed- taught 2 really good lessons and had a good PEC. Thurs- was good taught 3 really great lessons:) Friday- taught another 3 great lessons. Saturday was fun!:) went to the beach and rode the canoe again, looked for some shells and taught 2 great lessons. They don't speak Fanti there, they speak Ey-way. It's crazy hard to learn but I've learned like 5 words LOL. Sunday was good had 3 investigators come, testimony meeting was good and ward council was good as well, it was great!:) Great week, great companion, and great amazing family!:) I love you Mom! And I can't tell you enough times how much I love and miss you! Be safe!
All my love,
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Daddy,
How are you? I hope work is good and well and everything is going smoothly. How are things back at home? I pray all is well!:) This past week was really good! Working hard in the Lord's vineyard:) This week study was good. Read in Alma 11:2 talks about judgement kinda like our judgement system today. Alma 11:21-46 its a powerful discussion Alma and Amulek had with Zeezrom, it kinda makes me laugh every time I read it. It's a good chapter about the resurrection and judgement:) Alma 12:10-13 all about how we shouldn't harden our hearts and what will happen if we do. Spiritual death 16-18 and why the fall happened 22-26 along with our probationary state 37 is key:) Alma 13:3-4 I like and the rest talks about the priesthood, the Melchizidek priesthood and 27-30 are key:) I like to use the word "key" alot now, lol. and Alma 14 showed and gave me a great example of long suffering. All Alma and Amulek went through - man WOW! But I know this church is true, the ONLY true church and I'm so grateful to you and mom for bringing me up in the church. I love the Book of Mormon and learn something new every day. It's great!:) I love you Dad! Remember, feel free to ask me any questions. I love you, be safe!
All my Love,
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Lauren,
Hey sweetheart! How's my little princess?! I hope you're doing GREAT!! I'm doing good. Having fun here in good ole Africa!:) Everyone who sees your picture says you're so beautiful and so cute! I just smile and laugh and say YEP! that's my sister!:) Yesterday was alot of fun. We went out to the island in my area. We took a canoe across the river. Then when we got there we went and looked for seashells and stuff like that, didn't find too many, but it's okay:) Then we went to a member's house to visit and they made us food, it was yummy. Then we went and taught 2 really good lessons. It was alot of fun. And church today was fun, too! Oh, mom told me you're doing great in volleyball, you're like the best one on the team and you're a natural athlete like your brothers:) It's good to know!:) I love you and miss you soo oh so much! I hope you have a great week and are having a great summer!:)
Elder Cody Randall

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Letters Dated July 29, 2012

Dear Mom,
Hey Mom, how are you?! I hope you had a safe, great, not too stressful week!:) My week was very good, not too eventful, but good! Sunday church was great! Monday cleaned small, played soccer, then went to Takoradi and emailed. Afterward, went to Angelous's and had FHE. Went great! Tuesday District meeting was good, met our new couple missionaries, Elder and Sister Bybee from Utah. Really nice! After district meeting, all of our appointments fell through, so we walked alot. But it's ok. I wasn't feeling so hot, so it's good. Weds appts fell through again so we walked and talked alot again, then went to PEC meeting, which went great!:) Thurs taught 2 really really good lessons! Friday had surprise interviews with President Shulz, which went good. He laid down the law on some disobedient missionaries. Afterward, taught 2 really great lessons. It was awesome!:) Saturday we walked tons, appts fell through but we were able to see Ebenezer, 30 yrs old, wow that lesson was awesome! An hour and a half we taught him! It was a great lesson!!!:) Sunday was good, 3 investigators came to church. Taught 2 of them and then had meetings. Today was great! Now I'm full. I made me and my companion spaghetti and mashed potatoes, mmmm yummy! Nothing I'm sure like what you ate! Well, papers almost up! I love you mom and family! have a great week and know that I love you!!
Oh, and the president of Ghana died Thurs, July 26, 2012.
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Dad,
How are you doing? How's the week? How's work? Any new questions you got for me? I'd love them!:) As usual, Mom's letter has what I did during the week! This week's study was good! Read Alma ch 5 and Wow, that chapter! Asks tons of inspired questions and gives answers for us now in our day and age! It's really cool! Ch 6 vs 6  God is commanding all to fast and pray for others who don't know the gospel. Ch 7 talks a lot about the importance and need for repentance and baptism. Ch 8 v 15 I had a question. The angel who visits Alma, was it Abinadi? and then something cool is in v 31 the power that was given to them. Ch 9 alot about repentance and the importance of it. Ch 10 talks more on Amulek, and something I thought was cool was in v12 gives an example on how by 2 or 3 witnesses you will know the truth of all things. Also says that the righteous can save the wicked and help them in all things. Really good reading this week! I love this book and will forever read it!! I always learn something new, its awesome, and again I LOVE IT! Again, thank you so much for everything! I love and miss you so much and again if you have any questions, ask me. I love questions! Have a great week!
Elder Cody Randall

Letters dated July 22, 2012

Dear Mom!
How's it going?! I hope all is well! Everything is GREAT here!:) Exceept for last night I was cooking a stew, and I bought onions, garlic, and what I thought was a small green bell pepper, but was actually a small green pepper. So I came home, chopped everything up and cleaned the seeds of the pepper out with my hands. Now after I finished I started to fry them. About this time, my fingers were on FIRE!! It seriously felt like I was placing my fingers over a fire! But I couldn't cool them down or get it to stop! So from 9 pm to aroung 1 a.m. I was awake trying to get my fingers to get cool! I'd rinse them in cold water, then 1-2 mins later they'd be back on fire and I'd have to do it again! NO BUENO!!! But as for my week, it was great!:) Monday after football (soccer) and emailing, we went to Bro. Angelus's house and had fufu, sooo good!!:) and FHE it was great! Tues District meeting was okay. lol But the rest of the day went great, met a new girl named Natasha, 19, super smart, Americanized, she's cool. Been teaching her! Weds. was good, taught some good lessons then had PEC it was a good day. Thurs was great again! Saw Natasha, Solomon, and Aban, all over 18, smart people. Friday saw Elizabeth 24ish, and James, and it was good, great lessons! The work here is alot slower than that of Mankessim, but it's okay. Saturday was a bust, all of our appts fell through. So we just met new people and talked to them, it was good!:) Church was good. taught 2 good lessons, both on faith. Great day! My stew that I made last night is really good, so I'm happy. Thought it'd turn out too hot, but it didn't, it's good!:) I love you mommy, and miss you tons!
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Dad!
How are you?! I hope all is well back at home! Everything's great here! Enjoying!!:) Again, told Mom all about my week, so share. lol. So this week my personal study was great. (like always). Read Mosiah, I learned in 23:7 how it says no man is greater than another man! And basically, all of it talks of how we need to always repent and give thanks to the Lord. Chapter 26:18, 20-23 are great talks about missionary work! and only by Jesus Christ can we be saved. 26:24-28 kinda sad, but its a warning to us. 26:29-32 talks more on repentance and 26:35-36 what happens if you don't repent (change) 27:25 I like 27:36-37 missionaries. I'm now about to start Alma. I've been deep reading alot and it's fun! I'm loving it and enjoying it! I love you dad and feel free to ask me any questions you have:) Love to hear then! I love you! Be safe and hug and kiss EVERYONE for me!
Elder Cody Randall

Letters dated 7/15/2012

**First, an apology from Cody's Mom, who has been terrible at updating the blog. The mail hasn't been very good lately, recently receiving 8 letters in 1 day, then going a month with nothing.:( So, I will strive to do better**

Letter 7/15/2012
Dear Mom,
How are you?! I hope you're getting all of my letters! Hey, so guess what? I love you! So this week has been great. Monday, nothing too exciting, just went to Takoradi and pulled out money and went to the Internet cafe. And I got to email you!:) Tuesday, district meeting then we went and I took all of my pants to the "sew man" to resize, and then we taught 3 people. It was great! Weds. was dead, no appointments stuck, they all fell through! But it's ok. Pec and Ward council were good! Thurs. was great, saw a new investigator and a girl and boy, preparing them for baptism. Friday, saw another new investigator, one lesson fell through but it's ok, we saw another new investigator and Justice, a recent convert who's moving to Accra. Saturday was great! Went out and saw another new investigator, then we organized activities at the church. It was sweet! almost all of the youth came and 2 or our investigators came and didn't want to leave LOL it was great!:) Sunday was great! I was asked to give the opening prayer, then we taught 2 of our investigators, it was great! Today was a good day. I made some no-bakes and a new stew and mmm the stew is yummy! Fried onions, green peppers, garlic, yummy, and ya, my "taste buds" have changed!:) So how is everything? Still wanting handwritten letters from you all! Oh, and pictures, too! I love you mommy! and I miss you all so much! I'm doing great and loving it here! I can't tell you how grateful I am to you and dad for everything! I love you!
All my love,
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Dad,
I Love You! pu paaaaa pu! (very much)
I told Mom all about my week, so you can read it there. LOL. This week I've been reading Mosiah and D&C and wow! King Noah was a wicked man! Chapters 15 & 16 are great chapters testifying of Christ and how we can be with him again. I learned alot in them. Seriously, my book is like a coloring book, I think it's quite funny!lol Chapter 18 is good as well, talks about Alma and his conversion and where he was. Do you know who baptized him? Read 18 and you'll find out! I've also come to find out that that Doctrine and Covenants was going to be called the book of commandments. Crazy, huh? But I came to know through study that verse 6-7 in section 1 are like a preface to the D&C. Verse 9 is self explanatory, and 16 talks about how we should have our priorities straight and go on a mission....................Anyway, I hope everything's going great at home! I love and miss you all! And I'm letting you know I'm great!:) I am growing in aspects I didn't even know were possible! I love you, be safe daddy!
With all my love,
Elder Cody Randall

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letters dated 7/8/12

Hey Mom!
How are you? I hope you've been getting all my letters and the kids all my pictures! I'm doing GREAT, feeling well, and having fun!:) This week was great! Went to the island in our area and had a baptism. Sweet, right?! But, first, I've got some sad..bad...I'm very unhappy about news...my..Camera..is..broken!!:( idk how or what happened, but last Sunday, no Weds, I was looking at pictures then all of a sudden it just turned off. I recharged the battery and then put it back in and it didn't turn on! I'm so mad! I couldn't take any pics of the island or the baptism! Sorry mom! :( What should I do? Any ways...good news...Sunday church was great! Monday P-day was great, Cape Coast came to Takoradi and we played soccer then went to the beach, it was alot of fun!!:) Then Tues. we didn't do anything. We were told Monday we were getting new phones and our phones wouldn't be on. So we sat in all day and studied all day. It was sweet! lol. Then, Weds. we went to a landlord's house and cleaned it. They don't build houses like they do at home. Dad would have been mad if the job looked like the house. Thurs was sweet, made sure our baptismal candidate was ready and taught some sweet lessons! Friday was good as well. Taught more lessons and getting closer with the ward:) Saturday we woke up, got ready, and left around 9 to go get our ward mission leader, Bro. Angelous. We then made our way to the boat and had to take it to go to the island. It was cool, 25 min boat ride to the island, welcomed with smiles. Then we went to a member's house out there and he fed us! WOW, so much, I ate 3 coconuts, some new food. Ewaye is what they spoke so new. Different food, So much of it: fish, talapia, and crab, FRESH! Then we came home and went to Sofokrom and baptized Ruth Abaka, 13 yrs old, speaks French and Fanti. Baptism was good though!:) I'm doing great, everything is great! I love you all and miss you! And I can't say, express, or write how grateful I am for all of you, and you mom!! I love you! Be safe.
Elder Cody Randall

Hey Dad!
How's it going? How's work? I hope all is well! This week has been great and alot of fun!:) I told Mom all about it, so you can read hers, LOL, I don't wanna repeat myself. But I am doing great and am having tons of fun! Tues was a scripture study day, it was sweet! I read from Jacob 7 to Mosiah 25. It was a sweet reading. Jacob ch 7. shows how powerful of a man of God he is. Then Enos and his repentance. Then Jarom tells us to listen to "our fathers" his and ours, and about the Lamanites & Nephites. Then Omni, without looking, how many people wrote in the book of Omni? If you don't know, go and look:) The answer is 4! That's alot LOL. Then the Words of Mormon is like a history of how Mosiah received the plates and about King Benjamin. Then Mosiah. Oh Boy, Mosiah, he's cool. LOL. Ch. 1 talks about how we'd be without the plates, the language of the plates and Ch. 1 vs 7 is good! Chapter 7 is King Benjamin's proclamation stating Mosiah is king and what the Lord wants his people to hear. And what we shouldn't do, ch 2 v 33, and verse 41 is great! Chapter 3 talks on how we should be, Jesus Christ, it's a sweet chapter! Then ch 4 is like a chastisement to everyone. It's a sweet chapter. And ch 5 v. 8 made free by Jesus. How awesome to know and to read these things. People know of God and the Bible and Jesus. But not how and what he really did for us! Without him we would all die, through him we can repent and live again. The Atonement talk by David A. Bednar is awesome! Everytime I see grace, I replace it with "enabling power", because through Jesus Christ's grace, or enabling power, all things are possible! I love you Dad and miss you alot! I'm so happy to be where I am, don't really want to be any where else!:) LOVE YOU!!
Elder Cody Randall

Letter dated June 25, 2012 (received 8/2/12)

Hey Mom!
How are you doing? Hope all is well back at home with all the kids being outta school and their activities they're doing! My life  here in Ghana is great! The other night I was laying in bed trying to sleep while my mind was racing- no bueno! But, I was just thinking (for some reason unknown to me) "I'm in Africa right now, on my mission, what I've dreamed about since I was little and I'm really here! I'm not in America, I'm in Africa, half-way across the world! I'll probably never see these people again until the next world. I'll never be in this moment again!" Just some thoughts that were running through my head  it was crazy! I've been in Africa almost 8 months already, time flies! Seems like just yesterday I was waking up at 5 a.m. and getting ready to go to the airport to come here. I LOVE THIS PLACE! THERE'S NO PLACE I'D RATHER BE SERVING! The people here are amazing. And I'm so blessed  to be in their lives. I can truly see how much the gospel has blessed my life, without it I honestly have no idea where I'd be right now! So thank you and Dad for EVERYTHING you've done for me! The things I'm doing now and what I'm preparing to do and who I'm preparing to be, I never would have guessed in a million years I'd be doing them. When I'm home we'll have some great talks!!:) So you better start to prepare your questions for me. I'll be expecting millions!!!:) I love you mom, and again, thank you for everything! Have a great week and send my love to everyone.
All my love,
Elder Cody Randall

letters July 1-3, 2012

Letter dated July 1, 2012

Dear Family:

Wow!! Can you believe it’s already July?!! It seems as though just yesterday we celebrated New Year’s. WOW! Well, I hope all is well and everyone is great! I love and miss you all very much! So this past week was amazing! Last Monday we played soccer in the rain it was so fun! Tuesday we had some good lessons and then the AP’s (President’s assistants) called us and said to meet them right then, they had an assignment for us. So we went and they gave us something called the “MAGIC PACKAGE”. To help us strengthen our relationship with the ward, so we were excited! Wednesday we prayed on which families we should visit and who would be happiest to see us. Thursday we went and saw the Oseis, a family of 6. We went and asked them to pray for our investigators’ hearts to be softened and that new people as well will be softened. It was really cool, the spirit was there! Friday, the AP’s came on splits with us. Elder Alba went with us and Elder Nzuki went with Nketsiakrom. The day was amazing, we could tell the families we asked to pray have been praying. We taught 3 lessons, all very very powerful. The day wasn’t over. We received a referral or a “who do” and then went to another family, the Cobbinahs, to ask them the same things. Now this visit was inspired! The mother, Sis. Cobbinah, was sick and last night had a dream about Elder Alba. 4 missionaries surrounded her as she sat in a chair. She couldn’t understand what they said but she said she felt really really good. Now all of the missionary faces looked like Elder Alba and WHITE! So we sat down and tried to figure out what the dream meant. My first thought was “give her a blessing”, but I thought, naw, there has to be more meaning! So I continued to think about it, but “blessing” wouldn’t leave my mind! So I looked at Alba and said, “Maybe we should give her a blessing”. All he did was turn to me and smile. He told me after that he felt the same way, but pushed it from his mind thinking it was more. But when I said “blessing”, we all knew what it meant! So we went inside and gave her a blessing. It was a sweet prayer! After the prayer, Alba looked at me and said, “I have no idea what I just said. Was it good?” I laughed and said, “YES!” We then sat down and gave the family the magic package commitment! The day ended with us going and buying a fan ice and talking. GREAT DAY! Saturday was great as well! We went to the island in our area, WOW it’s beautiful!! We also went and saw a less active family with the Bishop and 2nd counselor. It was great. We ate some coconuts. Struggled, but was able!J It was an awesome day. We then visited the Oseis to thank them for praying and to continue. It’s helping a lot! The church was so full today. We had 6 powerful investigators come to church, 5 new investigators! Wow, it’s crazy to see the ways of the Lord! I LOVE YOU ALL BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.

All my love,

Elder Cody Randall

Letter dated July 2, 2012

I just finished reading some dear elder letters and the card that had the tuna and Lauren’s pictures in it. WOW! She’s getting so big! I feel like I’m missing so much! But I just wanted you all to know that:


You guys are so amazing. I seriously couldn’t ask for a more amazing family!! I love you guys all sooo much and am so grateful for everything you all do and have done for me! And, yes, mission may be hard, but it comes with endless growth, strength, and love. You learn so much here, and I’m not even done yet! I can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store for me. I just hope I can be good enough for Him! I can’t lie, mission is the best 2 years for your life! There are many sayings I’ve learned to say to continue! Forever Strong! KIA KAHA! Again, I miss you all so much and am so grateful, sooo very grateful, for everything you do! I love you, remember that!!!
Send my greetings to the ward and all our friends!

Love forever,

Elder Cody Randall

Letter Dated July 3, 2012 to his brothers


How’s it going?! I hear you are both busy in some sports! How are they going? Everything is going great here in good ol’ Africa! Finally learned how to pray in Fanti. LOL It’s cool! Even last Sunday, “fast Sunday”, I got up and bore my testimony in Fanti. It was sweetJ

I love you both and I miss you guys a lot! When I get home we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!! So be aware, that when I come home we’ll have some good ole brotherly timeJ I love you guys again and miss ya. Take care!


Elder Cody Randall

June 17, 2012 letters


Letter dated June 17, 2012

Dear Brent My Great Father!

How are you doing dad?! I miss you! This past week was sweet, a lot of fun!J As you’ve heard, I’ve got a new companion, he was in the MTC the same time as me and his name is Elder Mbeson from Nigeria. He’s really cool. I like him a lot, we are having fun!J And thank you so much for the packages!J They’re amazing and I couldn’t ask for any better, more amazing parents. Thank you again so much! This past week was great! Had fun! Been raining a bunch! It’s raining as we speak! CRAZY! How are things at home? I hope they’re all great! The past couple of days we’ve been having deep doctrinal discussions before bed. It’s awesome!J Some questions, “What are the names of the 12 disciples in the Book of Mormon, or for the Nephites that Jesus called?” “Did the apostles get married?” “Did Moses die?” “Why are we called Elders and we aren’t married?” “Who was the prophet after Jesus?” “Do angels have wings?” I know the answer to these questions, do you know them? If you don’t, feel free to ask!J I love you Dad, have a great week!


Elder Cody Randall

(P.S. read Mom’s letter, its for the familyJ )


Letter dated June 17, 2012


You’re amazing! The music, pop tarts, candy, chocolate chips, carne asada! Holy crap! I opened that thing and I almost cried! Thank you sooo much!!! The America food tastes sooo good! I forgot what a poptart tasted like. LOL. Thank you for everything! I can’t thank you enough! And thanks for the Conference talks, I hope they weren’t too much. No letters though…next timeJ So this week was super eventful. Monday, P-day, didn’t do anything till the evening, as you know, I emailed you. Came home and went to family home evening. It was soooo awesome!J Then came home and watched Elders Akpan, Edwards, Ayang, & Nwoko (Nigerians) all cook a dog. Yes, sorry, a dog. Tuesday after district meeting, we all came to our apartment and at dog & rice. **(Yes, mom is getting sick to her stomach right about now)** It was hard to eat cuz I knew it was dog. But it tasted like roast beef, so it wasn’t bad, once I got over the fact that it was dog. Wednesday I woke up at 3 a.m. to get ready by 4 a.m., left to Takoradi to go and get Nwoko’s Patriarchal blessing. Then we went to the STC station to send Nwoko to get his new companion and for me to get mine. It was a long time. Sat there 6 hours waiting! But the rest of the week was normal, hard missionary work. Enjoying I am!J I love you mom, and thank you so much for everything! I’m so grateful! Tell me all about how everything is back at home!! I love you and miss you all! Have a great week and know that I love you!


Elder Cody Randall

letter dated June 10, 2012

Hey Family!

Man I am tired! This week was really cool. Monday we went to the beach and played football, ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. It was sweet! Then Tuesday was a good district meeting! Wednesday we were super busy and had PEC. Thursday we taught some sweet lessons and committed 2, soon to be 3 people, to baptism. It’s awesome!J Friday we walked a bunch and we were going to visit a family and share a scriptural thought with them and to get to their house you have to go through a school for the deaf. So as we passed through the kids were on recess and ran at me laughing and smiling. I didn’t know how to react cause they couldn’t hear me and I didn’t know how to “sign” so I just embraced them with a smile and hugs!J Waving and dancing to make them all laugh! We went to see the family and it was a good lesson. Then we made an appointment for family home evening next Monday and they taught me how to “sign” “How are you?” “I’m from America” and “I am SUPERMAN”!J lol. So as we left the kids ran to me again and I asked as many as I could how they were they all replied “I am fine”. Then I said I was from America and that I was SUPERMAN! They all smiled and laughed and continued to smile. It was such an amazing and humbling experience!J I LOVE IT here! Saturday we walked tons again and saw a lot of less actives to tell them to come to church! And Sunday was sweet! Church was good! I should be sending another memory card full of pics againJ soon! I love and miss you all!


Elder Cody Randall

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A few pictures

Beautiful beach

Elder Randall's new way to carry his scriptures:)

Old school house where they meet as a unit

emails 7/2/12 and 6/25/12

Email highlights 7/2/12

Hey! I just read ur dear elder from last week and it sounded like u all are having a great time. I love the pics! It’s so great to see u all!! Everyone is growing!!J I miss you all tons!! And I hope all is well, and tell Lauren to be happy and that I love her!J haha that’s crazy soo many apricots, haha send me some!!J ) and this week was great, it was really really awesome, I loved this week:J ))))!! I’m doing great and feeling great, and me and my companion are great!! The area I am in is SOFOKROM and it is GRRREEEAAAATTT!!!J I live with 3 Nigerians, elder Akpan, elder Williamson, who was 1 of my MTC mates, and elder Mbeson, my companion. And yes, it is rainy season, it will rain for a while. haha WOW, good job Brendan, tell him I said that! I am proud of him!! And next time we go camping I will be there, maybe, haha, but man I’m loving it here really!!! The things here aren’t too hard, I’ll be sure to explain every picture to you all and you will laugh and enjoy with meJ Aha, so this week was awesome, I sent a long letter explaining it, cuz if I were to write it here it would take the whole hour. So ya, this week was great. Cape Coast came to Takoradi and played soccer today for p-day, it was great, I got to see my dear friend Elder Rogers, love that guy, and all the others, it was really goodJ And I’m getting to look fit, not fatJ haha so I wanna be super ripped!J haha. That’s good that you are working, are you enjoying? Oh, and if ur sending any packages anytime soon, send me shampoo for my hair please, I’m all out, and candy is always invited, as well as cake mixJ haha. I love you all so much and thank u for everything u have done for me in my life and I love you!! Hope you get all my emails!.Hope u have a great week and remember I love you all sooooo very much and I pray for u all the time. I wish and hope and pray that all is wellJ Have a great week, I will, too, and be safe!!J HUGS AND ALL MY LOVE TO VEGAS!! My times up!

Email highlights 6/25/12

Hey Mom! How is work? I see ur working tons!! Ahah sounds fun. I’m great, nothing too new here just a lot of walking and working and having fun though! This week went by super fast, it was sweet.. having funJ oh, btw, I got the book of Ghana, its super cool!!!!J Did you get all the pics I sent last week??? And my new awesome good looking Cody Randall face book pic?? Lol if not please doJ Have a great day at work. Love you mom have a great week!!!! All my love and hugs!!!!

emails 6/4 and 6/11/2012

Email highlights 6/4/12

Yes, its rainy season, it will only rain more, haha. But its okay. I got my packages and yummy!! Thanks so much for them im so thankful and grateful. I loved the letters and the pics!!J I want more pics! I’m in Sofokrom, not Kojokrom. My area is good, teaching a lot and should have a baptism this month some timeJ . And idk if or who will be going this transfer. Hope all is well. This week was good, had fun. Had interviews on Tuesday, went very well, um then I was sick until Sunday, went to church, had meeting to go to, then came home to lights out, power outL Then it came on finally in the late night. Then we came here today and played football, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee, and it was fun on the beach!J and now im here emailing u. Let’s see what the week has in store for me.J And yes, I bought the book of Ghana, I’ll be getting it soon cuz it can only be bought in Accra. I love you mom and AGAIN I AM SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING U HAVE DONE FOR ME!! Send my love to alllll!!!J


Email highlights 6/11/12

Well, I’m not going anywhere. Nwoko is being transferred but not far so I will still see him all the time. I’m getting a new companion named elder Mbeson. He was in the MTC the same time as me. He’s really cool, I’m excited. I’m doing very well and having tons of fun!:] Tell Lauren “go girl!” on scoring 2 goals soccer champ!! Ahaha. I am missing out on so much. What Mom u sent me 2 more packages? You’re crazy thank you so much!:]]] You have no idea how grateful I am!!!J I love you so much and miss you all like crazy but I’m working hard and learning tons, but I still miss you! No amount of work can deny that! This past week I went to go see a family and taught them a spiritual thought, and when you go to their house you have to walk through a school for the deaf, so when we walked through all the kids ran to me and hugged me and smiled and I had no idea how to act since I didn’t know how to sign and they couldn’t hear me so I just smiled and waved and embraced all of their hugs!:] It was so neat! Then after we left the lesson they taught me how to sign “how are you? “ “I’m from America” and “I am SUPERMAN” haha. So when we left I asked as many as I could how they were and I was from America and that I was superman!!J It was such a neat and cool experience and so humbling!! I love you mom. Have a great week! Send my love to everyone!!:]]


email 5/28/12

rainy season
Email highlights 5/28/12                   

Hey mom I miss you and the family so much. I love you all so much, too. You guys are so amazing. I hope everything is well and send my greetings to all the family in Tucson!!! I’m glad you got all my pics. Yes, I sent tons of them, I know, sorry, haha. But how is everything at home? Everyone done with school yet?? Thanks for the email of everyone. It is rainy season here, its been raining A LOT hah its cool though, I love it a lot and I love my area, it’s so fun. I cant believe it’s almost transfers!!!! It’s flown by, its swwweeeeett I can’t wait to get all my packages, I should get them tomorrow, but we’ll see fingers crossed!! I can’t wait to see what’s inside!J ) I love you all so much and happy to hear ur all good and having fun in Tucson!!J ) I love you all more than words describe..farther than the deep blue sea runs and more than the ninja turtles love pizza!J ahha I love you all!!!J )




Letter dated 5/20/2012 (received 6/15/12)

Dear Family!

How is everyone? I’m doing grand-tastic! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I called home and talked to you, it feels like just yesterday! CRAZY! But this past week has been sweet! Didn’t teach too many lessons, but it’s okay, we did our best, they just fell through - that happens sometimes. Sooo no problemJ . Had a baptism on Saturday, I was “John the Baptist” LOL. Our baptism on Saturday, started at 4 p.m. then out of nowhere a GIANT storm blew in, out of nowhere! It was crazy! You could seriously see the dark start to cover the light, it was crazy, but by the time it was baptizing time it started POURING!! And our font is outside, so I baptized Joseph and Rebecca, both 20+ in the rain, it was really really coolJ !! We didn’t leave til 7 cuz of the rain, it was cool though!! Came home to our area where we live - power was out, only our area, it was out all night, didn’t come back till after 3 in the afternoon today, it sucked! But today was cool, went to Sofokrom, my ward, and took sacrament, then we left and went to a unit of about 15 people, if that, and had the rest of church with them, then taught a girl named Rich, she’s cool and smart, too, so it’s sweet!J So, all in all, I’m great, having a lot of fun and learning tons! I love you all! Be safe and know you are all in my thoughts and prayers and heart!

Love & Hugs from Africa! XOXO


Elder Cody Randall

letter and email 5/14/12

Letter dated 5/14/12

Hey Mommy!

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom!J I hope your mother’s day was really good! What did you guys eat for dinner? Yesterday was amazing! I love talking to you guys! Everyone sounds like they are doing good. The kids sound like they’re growing up & I’m missing it! But, I love you ALL! Like I said on the phone, I’m doing great and having the most fun I can! I definitely miss you guys more than anything! The first like 5 mins of our call I was like shaking with excitement! It was sweet as you probably could tell, I’m working hard and learning A LOT! Sorry about the purple ink, it’s kinda the only one I’ve got left. Lol But today we woke up around 8 and then I made an onion and egg sandwich and ate it, it was yummy! Then we deep cleaned the apt so now it’s nice and spotlessJ It’s nice. IDK what else we’re doing today, it’s 12:30 now, so ya, idk, but I LOVE YOU!!J Something I forgot to tell you is there is a dance here called Azonto (as-zone-toe). It’s weird, but I can do it. I’m pretty good at it and whenever the songs play to dance to in market and stuff, I dance, so some people know me as Azonto man, or Kwasi Potakoo LOL. It’s funny! I’m enjoying, can’t wait to get my letters and packages. I love you and THANK YOU sooooo much! All my love from Africa. KIA KAHA!


Elder Cody Randall


Email highlights 5/14/12

I freaking loved talking to u yesterday, too, I miss my moommmmmmyyyy!! But I love you all so much and Nwoko was so happy to talk to you he had a huge smile on his face. Idk if u heard him, but he said, “I love Elder Randall and we are working hard together”. You’re right, who doesn’t love me?? LOL jk, but I love you and miss you all so much. Good timesJ ) But thanks dad, I love you all and im learning a lot, haha.

I know it’ll be a long time again before we talk, but the time should fly, I hope. The next time we talk I will only have a year left.)) aahh go go go!!;)) but ya it was so great to be able to talk to u all on the phone, it was awesome!;) but you know me I’m doing my best with my journal. Kinda slacked, but ive been writing in itJ haha, but its all going well;)) I m going hard and working fast getting it done!!J ) I love you all so much and tell everyone hi and I love you and sending my hugs from Africa to home!!!!

Highlights of phone call from Mother's Day 5/13/12

Highlights of phone call from Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012

Cody sounded sooooo good!! He is really loving it there, and focusing on the missionary work he has been sent there to do. He says that Takoradi (the closest “big” town) has a garden mart where he can get things like cheese and m&m’s. haha. But things are much harder to find there than in Cape Coast or Mankessim. He gets 140 cedis for his monthly allowance, which is about $90.00.

He eats a lot of chicken and hotdogs. They make spaghetti with hotdogs. He says they are packaged and safe to eat.J They make a lot of stew, and egg sandwiches. They also eat fufu and banku, matsu (rice ball), soups and fish. He has eaten chicken, goat, antelope, pig, cow, and rabbit.

The houses are mostly mud huts, shacks, or made with stone/bricks. They don’t have a/c, so the have slits cut into the sides of the house (I assume between the stones) to allow the air to move through the house. Sofokrom has a really long dirt road to get to it. He doesn’t have a bike in this area, so they walk everywhere. It is less humid here than it was in Mankessim. He is still very close to the coast. His apartment is pretty nice he said. They have showers and water filters so they can drink the water. They sleep in mosquito nets.

He had a lot of scriptures to share with us. Dustin called him the “scripture encyclopedia”. Definitely not something the pre-missionary Cody would have done much. I told him he was getting so smart. His reply was, “there is nothing else in the clutter of the world on my shoulders”. WOW!

A few words he shared with us - abudum = dog; agemwa = cat; apanchi = goat; ahcoco = chicken; aheem = how much; apontini = male goat (the most disrespectful name that you can call someone there).

He still asks for a lot of food for his packages. He wants chocolate chips, garlic salt and seasonings, mashed potatoes, instant gravy, instant alfredo sauce, candy, protein powder, jerky, cake mixes, brownies, twizzlers, pop tarts, tuna - so I continue to send him packages with primarily food in them. If you have seen any pictures lately of him, he keeps getting thinner and thinner. What else is a mom to do?!

He loves letters, but it can take several weeks for them to get to him. Keep writing himJ

He has a Nigerian companion. They work hard together. I got to speak with Elder Nwoko for a few minutes. He has a very heavy accent and was hard to understand. But they get along great, and they were companions in the MTC, so that is really cool. That doesn’t happen much apparently.

It was so great to talk to him!!! We talked for 2.5 hours. I had to miss church, but it was totally worth it!! It was so hard to say goodbye. But I am so proud of him! He is experiencing things that most of us can’t imagine. He is an amazing young man, and his Mom is sooo proud!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

email highlights 5/7/2012

Hey Mom!
My week is great!!!! I'm in a village called Sofokrom, or Kojokrom, whichever you can find. It's next to Takoradi. I'm in Takoradi now ahha it's cool:] I'm in a new cafe it's sweet, so here are some pics, i don't know what the order is, but here are some:) and I sent my pics home, too, so u'll get them soon!:]] Its sweet and a lil less humid than Mankessim. I like it alot and its not like Mankessim at all. In Mankessim you can find everything and here u cant find hardly anything. i mean, in Mankessim i could find anything like foodwise i wanted, but here it is bush so i have to hunt and when i find it its higher prices haha. but oh well. I have a place in my area thats an island. I have to take a canoe to get to it:] Yea a canoe!! and its a canoe by a man wanting money, aha, but its cool!
I'm feeling tired at the moment, working hard and today for p-day we played some football, soccer and basketball. It was FUN!!:]
My apartment here i think, is better, but its nice:) living with Elder Hopkins from Utah,  Akpan from Nigeria, and Nwoko from Nigeria, my MTC mate!:]]. It's sweet, i'm enjoying!
We are a ward, it's nice to have an actual building ahha. but i'm having fun, and i'll be calling shortly, don't worry!!:]]
I'm about done, times up here, so I love you and enjoy the pics!:]] but i love you mom, ur amazing. Tell everyone hi for me:]]] LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Cody Randall

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

email highlights 4/30/2012

Hello mom! I am doing great! I have some BIGGGGGGG news!
I am being transferred to a place called "co-joe-chrome" idk how to spell it, but that's where I am going to be with my mtc companion Elder Nwokko!! Crazy stuff!!!!! I guess it hardly ever happens (that he gets to serve with his MTC mate) but it's cool:) and it happens this Weds! idk how far it is yet, but ya i'm goin there:) It's close to a place called Takoradi.
I'm excited but heck yes, i'm super sad to be leaving Mankessim. I love it here!! but hey "I'll go where you want me to go"!! Martin is staying and training a new guy.
My p-day was awesome. We played soccer again and I'm really good at it now:) I scored today and i'm an amazing defender:) aha jus sayin:) but it was alot of fun:) now I have to go home and do wash.
I baptized 5 people and 3 others from the other areas:) it was really really cool:)
I read Lauren's talk and it was sweet:) that girl is powerful:)!!
Please tell Ryan to send music to me please:) and send it in a flash drive please:) I bought a speaker, it's sweet, it plays flash drives, sds, and cds. It's cool, basically everyone has one, so that's why I got it:) But ya music in a flash drive would be amazing from him:) tell  him i'd appreciate it alot!!:))
And, i'm sorry, but i thought i told you about my birthday, so i'll tell you now...i woke up at 6:30 a.m. to a boy named Herbert throwing a package full of goodies - soda, pringles, yummy stuff- and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDALL! i was so happy, it was cool and it felt like i was back at home:) then we went out and taught and it was good, then we had some good fufu:) mmmm it was a great day, but i missed you guys alot! It's crazy to think that I celebrated my birthday in AFRICA! You never could have told me in a million years that I was going to go to Africa and have my 20th and 21st birthdays. I would've been - ya right, you're crazy!!
POWERFUL!:)) (he's referring to his dad baptizing a friend this Saturday)
Sweet, i love letters:) i did get some from the Eckersleys but i've been so busy i haven't replied:(
I sent Terri's letter to you, so you will have to give it to her.
I can't wait to talk to u all!:)) be safe and know that i love you all so very very very much!!!!:)) LOVE AND HUGS FROM AFRICA!!:))))

E-mail highlights 4/24/2012

Hi Mom!
I had a great week, and I'm feeling good:) and the Dr. really didn't say anything just that I didn't damage my rotator cuff, but nothing more. but I got x-rays so we will see what they say soon, if anything, but i feel good:)) We had a sweet p-day:)) we went to the beach then made brownies after the beach:) They were so good everyone that was there says to say thank you!:)) So yes, I got your package and Terri's, sooo good, thank you so much! (that's how I made the brownies).  And I don't care if it was melted, chocolate is chocolate!:) so good:)) ahah and Terri's package was yummy, and bunch of cookies:) so good!:))  And yes, some jokester stuff - it's cool:) haha i wrote her, don't worry!
The teaching is great, we taught alot of lessons, like I wanna say almost 30 lessons last week:) it was tight!
It sounds like u guys are having alot of fun without me. hah some ribs and bathing the dogs and nice cool days playing sports...oh man I'd kill for that!!! but i'm jealous haha, I wanna be home enjoying!::))) But, I'm here enjoying haha and having fun!! I don't think I can skype, but i will let you know. haha i'm excited to talk to everyone!!:))) and lucky missionaries, they don't know what they get to enjoy!! But that's cool. It sounds like a busy week. haha fun:)!
We are preparing 5 people for baptism:) it's sweet!!:) I am excited! we should have them baptized on Saturday:) yayaya ahahah:)
I love you Mommy:) Be safe and have a great week! ur baby boy is ok and he loves u!:)) very very much, i can't wait to talk to u, i miss you so much!! but again, be safe and know that I am good!:))  Sorry about not writing u lately, been busy:/ but i wrote us this week:) so no p!
I love you again. Tell the family hi for me too:)))

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

email highlights 4/16/2012

Hi Mom!
I am feeling great:) aha kinda feeling fat actually lol but i'm great:)! AH MY WEEK WAS GOOD!
Working hard preparing 5 people for baptism:) There are two 21 year olds, an 11 year old, a 12 year old, and a 15 year old:) aha its cool:)!! For p-day we went to Cape Coast and went to the beach and played catch for a bit and just hung out on the beach it was fun!:))) Soon, I promise, I will be sending my pics. I will not send any now cuz the stupid computer has viruses and gave my card a virus last time i sent pics, so ya, i almost lost all my pics :(( sorry, but soon, i promise!!!:) I do need a new card. I have 2- 8 gigs and a 4 gig and i'll be sending one home. so ya lol but today was sweet:) after the beach we went to the zone leaders apartment and we made chicken burritos mmmm i'm a good cook:) it was yummy and now we are back in Mankessim emailing:)  Umm no packages yet but maybe tomorrow or next week. And the next package you send I need another deodorant stick, shampoo, maybe some sharpie pens - red, blue, and black:) the thin ones:) please, coloring gets me by when the lights are out. Um, also stamps, a few more pens, and also both lined and blank paper:) So just a supply package, feel free to throw in like the cake batter mix and the brownie mix and cookies?:) and the bacon bits:) ahah jus sayin:)) love them:)))))
And ya, i know the time it just kinda seems to pass by when i don't think about it, ha working my butt off pays off. haha. But I did get Grandpa's letter, and i wrote him back:) I've just been writing you and the family is all, no one else really, i'm too busy, so if someone wants a letter they can write me first LOL but i'm doing great:) Easter was good, had some amazing fufu it was sooooo good:))
My companion is tight, he's from Texas and he's cool:) Me and Adair are pretty close now (the other guy in the apartment) and ya I am sorry about the short letters and stuff but we are super busyyyyy!
And i swear i wrote you a letter about my bday, but it was a good bday and no i didn't make the cake from ur mix, i usually just make the mix and eat it like ice cream lol but it's good:)!! and yummy!!:)) thank u!!:)))))) um i did have a cake, sis. martha, a member makes cakes and she made me one for my bday:) mmm it was good:)) But I eat all the mixes like ice cream:) hah the big ones, Betty Crocker, are the best, like the cake u sent omgosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))) Everyone enjoyed them, i'm so giving:) And I know it's not good for u at all but it tastes sooo good:))!!!
Its sounds like you've been super busy, sorry i'm not there to take that EXTRA load off. I love you too mom:) Have I told you lately?:) haha i hope all is amazing :)  i have to go so i love you and i miss you. Be safe and have a great week!:) Oh, and i'm going to the hosp tomorrow to get checked up on from the accident so i'll let you know what's up:) i'm fine though:)  loves and hugs from Africa to Vegas!!!:)))))))  kia kaha

Hi Dad!
Wow! That's a neat experience, ya life is good here and the saviour helps out all the time, even when we think he doesn't he is always there:) always!:) I taught on Tuesday and gave an instruction on how to be more Christ-like. It was a powerful lesson. I prepared it a day before cuz i've been so busy. The spirit is so powerful it helps u so much to grow and learn and help others to learn. U really need to listen to the still small voice it's there for the better and will always keep u on the straight path and help you to choose the right and let u know for yourself the things u r learning are true and the things are not just words. It's a sweet promise. Even recently i just bought a small notebook to write scripture references:) it's cool if u ask me, i'm excited to have 2 years to fill it:) but i do have a question to ask- where is the spirit world? Brigham Young talked about it in one of his talks and said something so maybe you can research it:) ha just an idea. There are some nights we stay up and just have deep talks on doctrine. It's sweet. I'll come home and do the same with you. I love you and pray for u and the family each night. We are preparing 5 people for baptism it's sweet and exciting:) have a sweet week and be safe:) i love you!:)

letter April 10, 2012

Hey Mother:)
How are you doing? I have still yet to receive any hand written letters from you or dad! So get on it please and thank you! This past week has been crazy! Been busy like no other, barely have enough time to write letters, so sorry if its short but as I was saying, this week was sweet!:) Having alot of fun, I'd say. My packages are amazing! I ate just the cookie dough, mmmm so good! Definitely send me more of the cake and brownie and cookie dough mixes and pudding :) LOL maybe some like alfredo sauce, too? Idk you are the packing expert!:) I LOVE YOU! This week we've taught 28 lessons, 40 gospel convos, & 3 baptismal dates are set!:) P-day was good, played football then we came and got money, came home and emailed and then went & taught 2 lessons. Didn't get home until 9:30 p.m. then I did small wash cause all my clothes are dirty, then I studied small on my lesson for today and then fell asleep. Woke up and studied more and now I'm writing you!:) Busy! I love you Mommy and I am so thankful for you!:) 
Sorry my letters short- time crunch!
I love you! with all my Love & Hugs,
Elder Cody Randall

p.s. the muscle milk was good, could use some more:) jus sayin LOL!

email highlights 4/3/2012

I'm doing grandtastic:)) how are you?  Thank u so much for my package:)))))  I had a great birthday!!ahah but my favorite thing was the card:) i love you mom and I hope all is well:)) be safe and know that i love and appreciate u so verryyyy much!:)))
Elder Cody Randall

Monday, April 30, 2012

letter March 27, 2012

Hey Mommy:)
Man this past week has been crazy! I finally got a new companion. His name is Elder Martin, he's from Houston, Texas. He's not much of a sports guy, but I guess he was really into power lifting back home. But he's tight. He's 21. We started our companionship 3/21 and on Weds. I showed him around the area and took him to meet people, it was cool. Then Thurs, Fri, and Saturday we went to work! In those 3 days we taught alot. In those 3 days we taught 19 lessons, 3 member present lesson, 1 less-active, 6 new investigators, and 45 gospel convos. I must say I was happy! Working hard. I'm tired!! This week has been so busy I still haven't washed my clothes yet! Man! Sorry about emailing, too, like it took forever to sign in to my lds account, and then I had like 45 mins. messaged you then Dad then Court then Jed then Sami and Dustin. By the time I finally got your email it was 11 mins left. But anyways, sorry:( I miss you mommy! For P-day, as I said, I got hit but I'm fine. The car is messed up though. Huge dent in the side and cracked window. Funny, no harm to me, nothing:) Be we went and toured Cape Coast Castle then went and had pizza with all the other missionaries in my zone. It was fun! Had a sweet day! Then we came home and taught a kid named Francis. It was cool, didn't come home till like 9:30. Anyway, KIA KAHA!
Elder Cody Randall

email highlights 3/26/2012

Okay, so my day was sweet:)) first, i got hit by a taxi! I ended up on the roof! But anyway, I dented the front fender pretty bad and cracked his glass, but I'm fine:) Nothing, no harm done to me, I'm fit as a fiddle, I'm a beast!:) Heavenly Father blessed me:) But then we went to Cape Coast and met the other missionaries in my zone at the Cape Coast Castle and we took the tour, and took some sweet pics:) Then we went and had pizza:)) sooo good, well kinda haha. and now I'm here. Soon we have to go:( we have an appt. soon. But ya, my new companion is sweet, we are working hard!!! Like super hard. haha. We taught 23 lessons in 3 days, and had 45 gospel convos, and have 6 new investigators. We work hard and do work:))We are really taking our time with the investigators making sure that they understand all the material so they can be strong members and not just less actives, u know! lol, but ya, things are sweet here:) I love you!!

letters dated March 19, 2012 (homesick?)

Hey Mommy!
I just wanna say Me do wu ! (I love you) pa pa pa pa bay bray (a lot a lot alottt)! I miss you and our trips to the doctor's or the store, or to school, or eating. I loved having Cody-mommy time. I'm definitely a Mama's boy for sure. LOL. Not afraid to admit it. But it's transfers here in Africa and I'm getting a new companion. YAY! But big news is that our mission is going to be split into the Ghana Kumasi mission and the Ghana Cape Coast Mission. Crazy, huh? I still don't know where or what side I'll be put in, but I hope I'm with my MTC mates so we can go home together. It would be sweet and I like most of my American MTC mates. But, this week should be good/ interesting. IDK what's to come or to happen, so we will see:) But, I just want you to know that I love you mom and am so very thankful for you love and your guidance of and for me in my life. You're an amazing mom. Keep it up. Just a long way still to go:) LOL! I love you!!! Be safe!
Love your son!
Elder Cody Randall

Hey Daddy!
I hope all is going well at home and you are able to continue to build plenty of houses. You know something I miss is waking up on Saturdays and helping you maintain the house. Maybe at the time I didn't enjoy it cuz I thought I had better things to do. But I didn't. Looking back on it now, I can't wait to come home and spend Saturday morning with the family and help clean and all those things. I never really noticed how hard and how much you REALLY did work for us. I want to be able to help you and be there for you. So be ready to put me to work..yard work, painting, shopping, anything, I'm there as long as I still have at least a little free time for my friends and myself. But I'll be getting a job and everything, no worries!:) You can see how hard you've worked through the things you've accomplished and you've worked HARD! There are things you've accomplished that I don't think I ever will. We'll see though!:) "Cuz I've been watchin you, dad, aint that cool, I'm your buckaroo, I wanna be JUST like you and eat all my food and grow as strong as you are!":) It's a country song, "Watchin You", but it's the truth. I love you dad, you're such an amazing example and an even more amazing father! I love you and will be forever grateful to you for everything!! I love you, be safe, and stay strong:) Me do wu ( I love you)! Nyame do yin ya na (God loves us all)!!
Elder Cody Randall

letter dated March 12, 2012

I hope your back's feeling better! How are things going? anything new I should know about?:) Love to be updated! Africa's sweet:) I'm enjoying! Bearing my testimony and relating myself to my investigators helps me relate to them (duh) But I just try and see things through their eyes and it's easier. I feel somehow more connected:) How are your lessons going? Doing anything new? Tonight was sweet! I taught Jr. a recent convert about the importance of coming and reading the scriptures. We read 1 Nephi and I explained everything, then asked if he would read at least 1 verse a night. He said he would and the spirit was strong! It was sweet, I enjoyed it plenty:) Let me know what's up Dad! Stay safe! Please! If you have any free time, feel free to write me a letter! Love you!
Love your son,
Elder Cody Randall
letter dated 3/4/2012
Hey Mom!
It seems like forever since I wrote you. Sorry about that. I've been super busy lately, it's crazy. This past week kinda flew by! Monday was Mission Tour which was cool. Learned about the importance of OPENING MY (your) MOUTH (OYM) to everyone you meet. We are disciples of Jesus so we should act like him. If Jesus sat next to you in a taxi, and he didn't talk to you, would you be happy? No, lol. so talk:) Then Tues was p-day. Super fun, went and played soccer on a turf field. Had a ton of fun. Weds and Thurs I was sick:/ Power has been going out lately but it's okay. I'm surviving. Friday I went to Yamoransa on splits with Elder Udo-Bassey, a Nigerian, he's cool, taught some really powerful lessons:) Then I had to wash all my clothes that I had on cuz I had to spend the night and I didn't want to stink for the baptism. So I stayed up and washed till 1 a.m. then I came back to Mankessim, which wasn't planned, but I did and found out non of our investigators are ready yet, so next couple of weeks. LOL. So Sat. baptism. Sunday fasted and had a good church day. then we ate at 2 families houses. I'm so full! But I still yearn for my mama's food:) I love you! And I hope all is well at home. Tell everyone HI for me:) Kisses and Hugs to all! Can't wait to hear from you! I LOVE YOU!
Love from Africa!

Elder Cody Randall

letter dated 3/12/2012
Hey Mommy:)
How are you? I'm doing great today!:) I had a fantastic P-day, we played soccer on the turf field again, it was sweet! Then got subsistence (money), then we ate fried rice and chicken and then we left. I found some kool-aid jammers and bought 10 cedis worth and bought some more mac & cheese. Yummy, enjoying I am:) How are things at home? Having fun? I am well. I'm doing my best! How was Dustin's bday? Anything fun happen?:) Nothing too exciting here. They had a funeral for Elizabeth, our recent convert that passed away this past Saturday. I heard it was good:) We're teaching some pretty cool kids now, too. Enjoying:) I'm enjoying my apartment :) Still waiting on your HANDWRITTEN LETTERS!!
I mean, if you expect me to write them, I want some from you, too!!:) Only fair, right?:) Well, Mom, I love you so so so so so X infinity much! Be safe. Hugs & Kisses!
Love your son,

Elder Cody Randall

Sunday, April 1, 2012

letter to Brendan dated 2/20/2012

Hey Brendan!
How are you doing? I can't believe the Patriots lost, again! Crazy.
Fante and Twi are the 2 languages I speak and sure, I'll teach you some:)
Me pe wata = I like your shirt
Wu achill= you're ugly (LOL)
Nyame do wu = God loves you
Nyame ye yesu ba = God is the Father of Jesus Christ
Wu bomb pie = pray 
Mi woe hoe =  I'm here
Aye yay paaa = very good      
Medase = thank you (ma-da-see)
Yonco = let's go (Yawn-coe)      
Afrowoden = What's your name (a-frow-o-den)
Coun = Faster                           
Bebeenie = black man (bee-bean-e)
Jedeen = shut up (Yed-een)     
Obruni = white man
in yeshaye = no problem (in-ye-shay)
yo mati - okay, I hear you
etizane = how are you? (eti-sane)                
Min i why a ca = I won't talk to you again (mini-why-a-ca)
Wu ye den = what are you doing?
controphy = gorilla
Hope that's enough:) Haha. sorry you probably won't be able to pronounce anything right, but aye yay:)
Love you, keep me updated bud:)
Elder Cody Randall

letter dated February 20, 2012

Elder Randall and Elder Rogers
Hey Mom!
Man, oh Man, have I been busy lately! I haven't written in like 2 weeks, crazy, feels like just yesterday I wrote you guys letters. But everything is going ok here in Ghana. I'm doing good!:) Eating well, bought 5 boxes of mac and cheese, made more spaghetti, and I learned how to make tortillas:) So I'm going to start making breakfast burritos now, mmm sounds so good. Gibson my zone leader taught me how so I'm excited:) Tonight I made like a fried chicken pillow. It was amazing! Keep sending me the tuna, it's good!!!:) Like alot would be great. Dinner tonight was fried pillows and a scone and kool-aid, then lunch spaghetti, and breakfast was 2 tiger's milk bars. and ya today was cool! I pet a crocodile and I felt like Tarzan. I walked on top of trees! It was sweet!:) Had alot of fun. We didn't get to go out too much last week cuz my tummy was bothering me, but Friday was zone leader splits. It's where the zone leaders come here and one zone leader goes with 1 companionship and the other ZL goes with the other. We had Gibson. He's cool, but I like Rogers a lot, too. It was sweet. We taught Derek, the blind kid, then we committed Andy (21 year old boy) and Shaddrack (Andy's friend) to baptism for March 3rd. It'll be sweet! Then we taught some more, it was a sweet day. I'm definitely learning things, plenty of things here! And growing, but not by my belly, spiritually and mentally!:) I love you Mommy! I hope all is well. I'm doing well. Always in my mind and prayers!
Elder Cody Randall

letter dated February 19, 2012

Hey Family,
How are you all? I'm doing well, working hard, but not really lately. I didn't feel too good Wednesday or Saturday, so we stayed in. But I'm good now!! Some crazy stuff happened today. Woke up at 6:30 like normal, showered, made toast and got ready for church. Went to church with our 15 min walk. While we were in church, out of nowhere, it down-poured! It was crazy, but luckily the rain stopped by the time church ended. So we went home, changed, and walked 30 mins to the taxi station and got a taxi to Salt Pond to go see Sis. Mary (a long-time member) and sis. Elizabeth (her sister/investigator). They're both cool. But we went there and maybe 15-20 minutes there was a motorcycle crash. There are big gutters 3 feet deep that run everywhere and they must have slid, fell into the gutter, and flipped out. I don't want to get too gross or visual, but it was a NASTY crash. They were both messed up. I felt so helpless because as missionaries we aren't allowed to get into those things. But anyway, ya crazy that happened. Then we ate rice and stew (tomatoes, onions, and peppers) for lunch/snack, then we went to Sis. Mary's and ate fufu and fish. yummy. Kinda still don't like fufu all that much. But I just want all of you guys to know I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH! And I'm so thankful for you all! I miss you all and I hope you're all safe and sound and healthy!:) With all my love,
Elder Cody Randall

letters dated 1/24/2012

Hey Dad!
How are things? I'm glad all is well back at home. Having fun without me? I miss you alot! My mission is going great! I am learning and accomplishing alot! Something cool I learned is the word "believe" or "to believe in" isn't just something that you accept is true, it's also acting upon it. Because you can believe that the church is true, sure, but what are you going to do about it? You must act upon something you believe in or who's really to say you believe? I was reading in 3Nephi 27: 16-17 which talks about enduring to the end and then v. 19-20 talks about how we must follow Christ he was an example. V.22 talks about enduring to the end and eternal life. V28-29 talk about prayer and if you have questions, then V. 32 talks about the devil's power, and the end of V. 33 talks about "straight is the gate and narrow is the way" how it's not easy to do but it's worth it. We must all endure to the end once we are baptized. The Devil is smart and cunning and he'll work any which way to make you suffer eternally. In Ether 12:27-28, it talks of why we have weaknesses. It's amazing all that God has done for us! It's powerful! Well, Dad, I love you and I hope all is well. Be safe. I pray for you all the time. I miss you! Give mom and every one hugs and kisses for me!
Elder Cody Randall

Hey Mom!
I hope you are feeling better by the time you get this. Things here are good. Yesterday was P-day and I was able to talk to you (email) which was great! I miss you alot! But yesterday we found the Oreo lady! She had 6 boxes of oreos, selling for 12 cedis a piece, so we bought all 6! And me and Hunt carried them home on our bikes, we each had 3 boxes on top of our handle bars, and under our chins. I must say that mile and a half bike ride was long! But now we all have oreos that we bought for 12 cedis each. I don't think you can buy 24 sleeves of oreos for that much?! But we are enjoying the rest of the day. I washed clothes, and my hands are so cut up it's ridiculous! You'll see the pain I go through soon! LOL:) But like I said, we've got some pretty sweet investigators, 11 total, and they're awesome. I'm enjoying alot:) Like you said yesterday, it's been a short time, but it feels so long, too. I know what you mean. But, I'm enjoying life here. Oh, something else:) We made our own peanut butter (ground nut paste), so you don't need to send PB any more! LOL. But I love you mom, and you and the family are all in my prayers! Be safe!
Elder Cody Randall

letters dated 1/16/2012

Hey Dad!
How is everything? I hope all is well:) Today was our P-day, it was pretty sweet, we played soccer but I guess it was okay. Would have much rather played football, but then we went and got money and I'd say I got you something pretty awesome!:) I'm not going to tell you who it is, but I got you a jersey! It's so cool! You'll see a picture of it when I send pics home to you:) But here in Mankessim, I'm enjoying learning alot. Something I didn't know/realize is what everything meant in Lehi's dream, and how Nephi is revealed all about our time and times to come. And about the Devil's church, it's crazy. But I really like his teachings. He's a good example to use when we teach! But I also like Mosiah 3:19. It's definitely my second favorite scripture! I love it and I've used it alot. Something else I didn't really know how to describe is how the Holy Ghost may make you feel after your receive an answer, but if you turn to Galatians 5:22-23 it explains how you may feel. It's cool to teach these things to people to show them the true path they should be on! It's cool to see people change! I love you Dad!!
Elder Randall
p.s. Hug EVERYONE for me!:)

Hey Mom,
How are you? I hope your recovery from your surgery went well and that you are feeling better! How was Grandpa's visit? How is he doing? Well I hope all is well at home:) I'm doing very very well here in Africa! We found OREOS! OMG so happy, they were so freaking good!! We are trying to find more but I don't know if we can, but we have a pretty sweet new store, like a real store, that sells American food! I splurged today and bought a Dr.Pepper, mmmm good! But what I mostly eat here now is alot of fufu, spaghetti, rice, indo-mie (ramen), bonku, and some times rice and chicken. But ya, poor man's food, I want some BEEF! or pork. Oh, and we made peanut butter, it's so good! It's not hard either, so ya, I'm learning alot! I am having a blast, too! P-day was with the zone and we played soccer, which sucked. It gets boring, but it's good exercise! Then we went and bought food and I got dad a sweet jersey, but you won't see it till you get the pics sorry! LOL. But I love you mommy and I miss you alot. I'm learning alot here and I can't wait to talk to you again! Stay safe! Hugs from Africa!
Elder Randall
p.s. Hug and kiss everyone for me!

Monday, January 23, 2012

email highlights 1/23/2012

Hey:) I'm good. P-day is good, woke up early and rode to salt pond (45 mins) then worked out and then came home and just ate and washed clothes, nothing too exciting. We found more oreos, ahah i need to slow down on the eating. ahaha. i'm sorry you are sick again.
I want my old bb glove, not my new one and maybe an old right handed one and a baseball, please.
We didn't do anything really today, we have to go to Cape to play and we only have one reimbursed p-day so we didn't go, we went last week.
No, i didn't get my package yet, maybe this week. The president assistants get them, and on tues on district meetings the zone leaders go and get the letters and packages from the mission home and bring them to us.
We are teaching 11 new investigators and we have 2 or 3 commitments for baptism. They are all sweet, all smart and older people:) The baptisms are for Feb 4, and the transfers are Feb 8. I think i will stay here in Makessim. But it's FREAKING HUMID AS CRAP i don't like it, haha.
And no, I haven't gone to the temple since the MTC and I won't go again until I leave. The  temple is out of my mission.
Hahahaha, I knew they were going to play each other boo ya:)) (he's talking about the superbowl matchup of the Giants and the Pats). Tell dad I emailed him. But one thing, can u send me the recipe for the no bake oatmeal cookies?:) plllleassseeeee, lol
Thank you mom:)) i love you:) maybe if you think of other recipes like that it would be amazing:)
I love you, have a great week, tell everyone hi for me and give them all hugs and kisses:))))) Bye!

email highlights 1/19/2012

Well, the internet just stopped working and yesterday I was in Cape Coast all day on splits with my zone leaders and we spent the night there in their aparment and got back this morning. Elder Rogers and Elder Gibson are my zone leaders, they are cool, but me and Rogers have a lot in common, he's a baseball player and he's super cool. He's so chill stayed up til like 4 a.m. this morning talking it was fun:)  So can you maybe send my left handed baseball glove?? maybe?? And u wouldn't believe the food I have found:) haha Guess what I ate???
I found mac n cheese!!!!:))) omg so good ahha and we found oreos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))
And yes, that's good food:)) they don't sell cheese here so it's nice to have cheese:))
I found a place here I can make kentay ties, its sweet and they are pretty cheap, too, like 5 cedis for them and they are custom. It's tight:)  This guys name is kentay man. He's cool, lives in Cape Coast, he's tight, and ya, making some tight ones:)
And yes, I am working hard!!!!!!! I wake up early all the time and have to dress in church clothes all the time. Sometimes I just want my normal comfy clothes and jus to chill lol but i can't complain. I like it here. Ghana is cool.
Guess what our motto or theme this year is?? KIA KAHA!!!! FOREVER STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so tight:) I was like, no way, that's the theme?!! crazy!! ahah but its super cool:) and its the whole mission's theme!!
The weather is ok, i guess still hot, i sweat alot, i'm sweating alot now, haha, but ya the weather's what ever ha but the rain is NONE ha its the hamaton or something like that and its dry and dusty it sucks!
Well, i gotta go. i love you:) be safe have a great day and the rest of the week. remember i love you all. Kia kaha!!:))  i'm just waiting for Hunt so i love you bye!:) muah mi do we su:)  I love you too:)))))))

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

email 1/9/12 highlights

Sorry, the internet ran out last time:( but i m back another week later....the guy we went to festival with is Prince, he isn't that big, but African's hands are hard to size cuz they do all manual labor, lol (Cody wanted to get him a CTR ring but wasn't sure about the size). But his home town was maybe a 30 min drive from Makessim and we just walked around, ate fufu, he took us to the beach, and the festival. It was sweet:))
Today me and Kebbie went and worked out at my investigator's house (Ekow is his name) in Salt pond and it's a 30-45 min. bike ride but his gym is tight. We go there in the morning and work out at his homemade gym, and it's made from like gear parts and cannon balls, it's legit and the guys huge, ahah bigger than me. That, and washing is all i did today. Elder Kebbie is from Sierra Leon. Dodd and Hunt went to Cape Coast.  And yesterday we went to Sis. Elizabeth's, another investigator, and i trimmed a million of her bushes and trees and it was cool.
We have alot of appointments tomorrow 2:30 and after we are FULL. lol. We are giving our investigator and his brother a b of m. They receive one when we know they r serious haha. They read English, so they are English b of m's.
We ride our bikes everywhere. The bikes we have now are alot better and they should last. 
Thanks for all the prayers. I love you all. It's not easy though, I work hard for the things I am doing and that i have:) ahaha Kia Kaha, i will be forever strong.
I have to go soon so i love you, take care, say hi to brendan and happy birthday to him. Give him a big hug and kiss. Tell dad and everyone else hi too:)))). Tell them I love them alot and i can't wait to talk to u all again, this emailing is like one of the highlights of my week. But ya, i love you and i can't wait to see u all. I better be getting some pictures and a case for them:) u know u are allowed to send as many packages as u want?:)) lol 1-1000?? lol just saying...
Oh, and i decided i was going to send home my sd card instead of a cd. It'll be cheaper, and the cd might break:) Tell Dustin to check his email. I love you till next week :) Hugs and kisses!!:))) bye:)
Elder Cody Randall

email from Jan 3, 2012, highlights

How's my favorite mom:)?? P-day was cool. We went and worked out with our new investigator who has a home made gym. He is huge, he's bigger than me, like his arms are like as big as my head, it's crazy! We just bench, squat, and triceps, the basics. We ride our bikes like 45 mins. in the morning and 45 mins. back home, so haha, i don't need a treadmill. We went to Salt Pond, another area in Makessim by the beach, it's a tight little town, and we spent the day by the beach. The festival was cool, i'll send pics from it, very different haha. They sell small American clothes here, nothing that will really fit me. haha but i'm still shrinking. I have 1 African tie and i have an African shirt, its tight. But the Africans try to be American and wear American clothes, well half of them do, so it's not hard to adjust to. The moms here are big, yes, they stay at home and just clean and cook.
District meeting is everyone is our district, the missionaries, we just meet and talk and do stuff to learn what we could possibly do to improve and it starts at 10 and ends about 1 in the afternoon. We have a full day scheduled today. The teaching is great and the baptisms - we had 2 last Saturday, so it was cool. Hunt baptized this time.
I can't send any pics cuz i don't have my cord with me and the connection is slow. u will just have to be patient:) haha it's a virtue, aha it will be well worth it:) trust me.
I love you mom, thank u for everything:) i've learned alot and i appreciate everything u have done and given me, thanks a billion!:)