Sunday, August 5, 2012

letters July 1-3, 2012

Letter dated July 1, 2012

Dear Family:

Wow!! Can you believe it’s already July?!! It seems as though just yesterday we celebrated New Year’s. WOW! Well, I hope all is well and everyone is great! I love and miss you all very much! So this past week was amazing! Last Monday we played soccer in the rain it was so fun! Tuesday we had some good lessons and then the AP’s (President’s assistants) called us and said to meet them right then, they had an assignment for us. So we went and they gave us something called the “MAGIC PACKAGE”. To help us strengthen our relationship with the ward, so we were excited! Wednesday we prayed on which families we should visit and who would be happiest to see us. Thursday we went and saw the Oseis, a family of 6. We went and asked them to pray for our investigators’ hearts to be softened and that new people as well will be softened. It was really cool, the spirit was there! Friday, the AP’s came on splits with us. Elder Alba went with us and Elder Nzuki went with Nketsiakrom. The day was amazing, we could tell the families we asked to pray have been praying. We taught 3 lessons, all very very powerful. The day wasn’t over. We received a referral or a “who do” and then went to another family, the Cobbinahs, to ask them the same things. Now this visit was inspired! The mother, Sis. Cobbinah, was sick and last night had a dream about Elder Alba. 4 missionaries surrounded her as she sat in a chair. She couldn’t understand what they said but she said she felt really really good. Now all of the missionary faces looked like Elder Alba and WHITE! So we sat down and tried to figure out what the dream meant. My first thought was “give her a blessing”, but I thought, naw, there has to be more meaning! So I continued to think about it, but “blessing” wouldn’t leave my mind! So I looked at Alba and said, “Maybe we should give her a blessing”. All he did was turn to me and smile. He told me after that he felt the same way, but pushed it from his mind thinking it was more. But when I said “blessing”, we all knew what it meant! So we went inside and gave her a blessing. It was a sweet prayer! After the prayer, Alba looked at me and said, “I have no idea what I just said. Was it good?” I laughed and said, “YES!” We then sat down and gave the family the magic package commitment! The day ended with us going and buying a fan ice and talking. GREAT DAY! Saturday was great as well! We went to the island in our area, WOW it’s beautiful!! We also went and saw a less active family with the Bishop and 2nd counselor. It was great. We ate some coconuts. Struggled, but was able!J It was an awesome day. We then visited the Oseis to thank them for praying and to continue. It’s helping a lot! The church was so full today. We had 6 powerful investigators come to church, 5 new investigators! Wow, it’s crazy to see the ways of the Lord! I LOVE YOU ALL BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.

All my love,

Elder Cody Randall

Letter dated July 2, 2012

I just finished reading some dear elder letters and the card that had the tuna and Lauren’s pictures in it. WOW! She’s getting so big! I feel like I’m missing so much! But I just wanted you all to know that:


You guys are so amazing. I seriously couldn’t ask for a more amazing family!! I love you guys all sooo much and am so grateful for everything you all do and have done for me! And, yes, mission may be hard, but it comes with endless growth, strength, and love. You learn so much here, and I’m not even done yet! I can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store for me. I just hope I can be good enough for Him! I can’t lie, mission is the best 2 years for your life! There are many sayings I’ve learned to say to continue! Forever Strong! KIA KAHA! Again, I miss you all so much and am so grateful, sooo very grateful, for everything you do! I love you, remember that!!!
Send my greetings to the ward and all our friends!

Love forever,

Elder Cody Randall

Letter Dated July 3, 2012 to his brothers


How’s it going?! I hear you are both busy in some sports! How are they going? Everything is going great here in good ol’ Africa! Finally learned how to pray in Fanti. LOL It’s cool! Even last Sunday, “fast Sunday”, I got up and bore my testimony in Fanti. It was sweetJ

I love you both and I miss you guys a lot! When I get home we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!! So be aware, that when I come home we’ll have some good ole brotherly timeJ I love you guys again and miss ya. Take care!


Elder Cody Randall

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