Sunday, August 5, 2012

letter dated June 10, 2012

Hey Family!

Man I am tired! This week was really cool. Monday we went to the beach and played football, ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. It was sweet! Then Tuesday was a good district meeting! Wednesday we were super busy and had PEC. Thursday we taught some sweet lessons and committed 2, soon to be 3 people, to baptism. It’s awesome!J Friday we walked a bunch and we were going to visit a family and share a scriptural thought with them and to get to their house you have to go through a school for the deaf. So as we passed through the kids were on recess and ran at me laughing and smiling. I didn’t know how to react cause they couldn’t hear me and I didn’t know how to “sign” so I just embraced them with a smile and hugs!J Waving and dancing to make them all laugh! We went to see the family and it was a good lesson. Then we made an appointment for family home evening next Monday and they taught me how to “sign” “How are you?” “I’m from America” and “I am SUPERMAN”!J lol. So as we left the kids ran to me again and I asked as many as I could how they were they all replied “I am fine”. Then I said I was from America and that I was SUPERMAN! They all smiled and laughed and continued to smile. It was such an amazing and humbling experience!J I LOVE IT here! Saturday we walked tons again and saw a lot of less actives to tell them to come to church! And Sunday was sweet! Church was good! I should be sending another memory card full of pics againJ soon! I love and miss you all!


Elder Cody Randall

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