Monday, January 23, 2012

email highlights 1/19/2012

Well, the internet just stopped working and yesterday I was in Cape Coast all day on splits with my zone leaders and we spent the night there in their aparment and got back this morning. Elder Rogers and Elder Gibson are my zone leaders, they are cool, but me and Rogers have a lot in common, he's a baseball player and he's super cool. He's so chill stayed up til like 4 a.m. this morning talking it was fun:)  So can you maybe send my left handed baseball glove?? maybe?? And u wouldn't believe the food I have found:) haha Guess what I ate???
I found mac n cheese!!!!:))) omg so good ahha and we found oreos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))
And yes, that's good food:)) they don't sell cheese here so it's nice to have cheese:))
I found a place here I can make kentay ties, its sweet and they are pretty cheap, too, like 5 cedis for them and they are custom. It's tight:)  This guys name is kentay man. He's cool, lives in Cape Coast, he's tight, and ya, making some tight ones:)
And yes, I am working hard!!!!!!! I wake up early all the time and have to dress in church clothes all the time. Sometimes I just want my normal comfy clothes and jus to chill lol but i can't complain. I like it here. Ghana is cool.
Guess what our motto or theme this year is?? KIA KAHA!!!! FOREVER STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so tight:) I was like, no way, that's the theme?!! crazy!! ahah but its super cool:) and its the whole mission's theme!!
The weather is ok, i guess still hot, i sweat alot, i'm sweating alot now, haha, but ya the weather's what ever ha but the rain is NONE ha its the hamaton or something like that and its dry and dusty it sucks!
Well, i gotta go. i love you:) be safe have a great day and the rest of the week. remember i love you all. Kia kaha!!:))  i'm just waiting for Hunt so i love you bye!:) muah mi do we su:)  I love you too:)))))))

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