Wednesday, January 18, 2012

email from Jan 3, 2012, highlights

How's my favorite mom:)?? P-day was cool. We went and worked out with our new investigator who has a home made gym. He is huge, he's bigger than me, like his arms are like as big as my head, it's crazy! We just bench, squat, and triceps, the basics. We ride our bikes like 45 mins. in the morning and 45 mins. back home, so haha, i don't need a treadmill. We went to Salt Pond, another area in Makessim by the beach, it's a tight little town, and we spent the day by the beach. The festival was cool, i'll send pics from it, very different haha. They sell small American clothes here, nothing that will really fit me. haha but i'm still shrinking. I have 1 African tie and i have an African shirt, its tight. But the Africans try to be American and wear American clothes, well half of them do, so it's not hard to adjust to. The moms here are big, yes, they stay at home and just clean and cook.
District meeting is everyone is our district, the missionaries, we just meet and talk and do stuff to learn what we could possibly do to improve and it starts at 10 and ends about 1 in the afternoon. We have a full day scheduled today. The teaching is great and the baptisms - we had 2 last Saturday, so it was cool. Hunt baptized this time.
I can't send any pics cuz i don't have my cord with me and the connection is slow. u will just have to be patient:) haha it's a virtue, aha it will be well worth it:) trust me.
I love you mom, thank u for everything:) i've learned alot and i appreciate everything u have done and given me, thanks a billion!:)

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