Wednesday, January 18, 2012

email 12/27/11 highlights

Hey!I didn't get to email yesterday because I was super busy. We went to Cape and played b ball and then we came home, washed, and had FHE, so no time. The connection is slow today and the people are plenty today.
I know things will be so different when i get home, it's crazy, ha, but please take me to McDonalds hah. It will be funny when you see me hah i'm skinny somehow and i'll be talking alot less americana and more ghanaian.
It's about to get crazy, like festival crazy! It'll be cool to see, but Friday we have a powerful member taking us to a tight festival, and it should be really fun:) Festival is just what it sounds like, a festival to celebrate Christmas and New Years. They dance and play drums, idk yet.
But i'm doing great. We just had a district meeting and we went to the store, I wanted more cornflakes, and they are ghetto, but better than oatmeal, ewwwwwww! and they have milk but it is super expensive so I just buy the dry milk, it's good i guess. They don't have chocolate milk, so i'm sad:( 
Well, I have to go, i love and miss you alot. Christmas for me was amazing hearing all you guys:)) but be safe. i love you. tell Gramps hi for me. love you:))))))

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