Friday, January 13, 2012

email highlights from Dec. 20, 2011

(Note: Cody's Grandpa Randall passed away this last week and we had to notify him by email. This is the first communication after his learning of his grandfather's passing.)

Wow, that's crazy. How's dad doing? I m good. i know where he's going, we'll see him soon:) r u okay?
(I told him we are all ok, just very emotional. But yes, what a great thing to know where we are going)

The connection was down yesterday so we came today:) but yesterday we traveled to Cape Coast and played soccer, i did amazing:) had two assists and a goal:) aha im a beast! then we went shopping for food and got alot. We made spaghetti last night with homemade sauce it was yummy:) we just used hot dogs as the meat, not as good as urs:/ i miss ur food. I would like maybe some cake and pudding mixes ? idk, haha, we can bake a cake at the bread ladies place, or even a cake or some recipe would be awesome:) chocolate or vanilla or snickerdoodle or something like that, anything would be amazing:)
Yes, i m taking pics, no worries, ha, but i haven't burned them yet, i will soon. i will burn them and send them to u by all means necessary. U will have pics i promise. and yes i am feeling good, and no more hits, haha.
We had our Christmas celebration with the mission president last Thursday. It was cool, we got to watch "Forever Strong"!!:)))))))))  (Cody's favorite movie), and had rice and chicken, and we also got an awesome tie, Kente, it is sick:) and an oil vial:) sweet stuff.
I don't care about eating with my fingers haa its weird but its whatever, haha but i like it here, im losing weight so its nice:) ha. About the letter i sent, it is detailed like nothin else so don't worry and it's in the Christmas package so hurry home and get ur package haha, but ya i love you all:)
Missionary work is great!! teaching alot, but no more baptisms until the 31 Dec. And yes, I will be calling you on Christmas, in the morning, so no worries. We have a phone, i buy a chip and some credits and call u:) so don't worry, just be ready to get the call:)
Nyame do we means God loves you and mi do wu means i love you and haha im learning small small, haha.
I love you all so much and i miss you all. i can't wait to talk to u on Christmas, it'll be fun:) i love you be safe, be smart, eat alot of food for me and all that jazz aha. and u can write me letters too u know haha, jus saying. But anyway, i love you, have fun with the family, tell them all hi for me, and i love them and im sorry im not there but i know grandpa is in a better place! i love u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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