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letter-December 10, 2011

Hey Family!
So I have realized that I have somehow neglected to tell you all about Africa. I'm just used to you all hearing and seeing the same things as me, so I guess I forgot! Sorry (cosay)! If you just ask me questions, I'll answer them all, every one. promise.
So, first washing my clothes with my hands is amazing! I never knew anything could be so much fun! Sike!
I hate it, it's absolutely horrible. My knuckles get raw and bleed and I have to scrub really hard to get some of the dirt out ugh! I think I'd trade my bad knee for a washing machine! I am adjusting somehow to the food, I eat alot of the same thing - indomie (like ramen), bread, rice, eggs that's what I love! I'm getting used to fufu, it's ok if I swallow small bites, big bites make me gag! Banku is okay, it's like fufu but you can chew it. It's better. And, yes, I have "pounded" fufu, and yes, you seriously pound the fufu. You take a stick, put the fufu in a big wooden bowl, and you POUND! until it's all soft. Thank you for the bacon. I saw it and just thought "awe, no way?!!" I love you! Amazing gift!
I have been feeling okay. I was sick 12/6-12/9, I had runny tummy, nausea, headache and chills and weakness. But I'm better now, HOPEFULLY! I did get my CTR ring, thank you! And the pics I will do, no worries.
Now my days usually consist of this: 6:30 a.m. arise, 7:00 breakfast, 8:00 personal study, 9:00 companion study until 11:00. At 11 we go out and proselyte until 12:30 which is lunch. 1:30 appointments until 8 or 9:00 p.m. and we come home and make dinner and sleep. The days can change. Sometimes we have so many people to teach, and the next none. We eat alot with family members now. We are even going tomorrow after church to eat and make fufu! Church is from 9-12 and we teach the Gospel Principles class. It'll be my 4th week tomorrow at church. Dang! We walk everywhere and it takes forever! It's not fun, I have blisters that are HUGE! We have bikes but they suck, they're built for small guys so I already broke one. Broke the handle bar clean in half! But the culture is sweet, alot different from home. No company-owned shops,they are family owned and family bought and everything. Family is a big thing here. It's cool! They are humble and so giving and kind and helpful. It's weird to be around people you don't know and they just ask how you are because they really care. Its's cool! Oh, clean water is also hard to find here, not for me, but for them. Don't worry!
Money is way different 85 dollars is 119 Ghana cedis. Our money is worth way more here, it's nice to see things cheap except for the American imported stuff. Expensive!
It hardly rains here in Makessim, maybe once the whole time I've been here. Humidity sucks, always wet, feels like I'm never dry, ugh it sucks! The power goes out alot too so no fans, we just sweat :(  Now, the ocean is beautiful! Breath-taking! there will be pics, no worries! :) But ya, that's life here. Feel free to ask questions! I love and miss you all! Hope your Christmas is amazing! I want pics and details and everything!
Ok, so Ghana has many beautiful things but is also has extreme poverty areas also. Trash everywhere. I don't think they know what a trash can is. Everywhere smells horrible. I mean, there are areas that smell great, but there are also areas that are gross. Stomach turning. The small children either run around naked or with just a shirt on. The take a pee anywhere! Seriously, outside a shop, side of the road, anywhere, they'll all just pee.
I travel in a tro tro, a van with the original seats stripped out then longer and more seats are welded in. It's crazy. I was somehow scared to ride in one the first time. haha.
Fante, I am coming along with, it's difficult to learn but it's okay. I sent sent some words and phrases in the letter.  Right now we are just finishing teaching Michael, Felix, Maxwell, and Elizabeth. I baptized Felix, Maxwell, and Elizabeth today. It was sweet! But ya, so now we are somehow finding new investigators, but we already have aound 7. So we should be super busy again! Oh boy, sounds tiring again, haha.
But tomorrow we will be pounding fufu and eating fufu and groundnut soup at Elizabeth's family, should be fun! Excited, haha.
We hang our clothes inside in our room to dry, because if we hang them outside there's a bug that will lay an egg in your clothes and the egg will hatch in your skin! For P-day we clean small, go to Cape Coast to play basketball, go eat chicken and fried rice, then we go home and do our wash, so fun, huh? Not! I rolled my ankle bad, but it's ok now, and my knee is okay. Can't complain yet.
But I love and miss you all so much!!!!!!
Love your son,
Elder Cody Randall

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