Monday, January 23, 2012

email highlights 1/23/2012

Hey:) I'm good. P-day is good, woke up early and rode to salt pond (45 mins) then worked out and then came home and just ate and washed clothes, nothing too exciting. We found more oreos, ahah i need to slow down on the eating. ahaha. i'm sorry you are sick again.
I want my old bb glove, not my new one and maybe an old right handed one and a baseball, please.
We didn't do anything really today, we have to go to Cape to play and we only have one reimbursed p-day so we didn't go, we went last week.
No, i didn't get my package yet, maybe this week. The president assistants get them, and on tues on district meetings the zone leaders go and get the letters and packages from the mission home and bring them to us.
We are teaching 11 new investigators and we have 2 or 3 commitments for baptism. They are all sweet, all smart and older people:) The baptisms are for Feb 4, and the transfers are Feb 8. I think i will stay here in Makessim. But it's FREAKING HUMID AS CRAP i don't like it, haha.
And no, I haven't gone to the temple since the MTC and I won't go again until I leave. The  temple is out of my mission.
Hahahaha, I knew they were going to play each other boo ya:)) (he's talking about the superbowl matchup of the Giants and the Pats). Tell dad I emailed him. But one thing, can u send me the recipe for the no bake oatmeal cookies?:) plllleassseeeee, lol
Thank you mom:)) i love you:) maybe if you think of other recipes like that it would be amazing:)
I love you, have a great week, tell everyone hi for me and give them all hugs and kisses:))))) Bye!

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