Sunday, April 1, 2012

letters dated 1/16/2012

Hey Dad!
How is everything? I hope all is well:) Today was our P-day, it was pretty sweet, we played soccer but I guess it was okay. Would have much rather played football, but then we went and got money and I'd say I got you something pretty awesome!:) I'm not going to tell you who it is, but I got you a jersey! It's so cool! You'll see a picture of it when I send pics home to you:) But here in Mankessim, I'm enjoying learning alot. Something I didn't know/realize is what everything meant in Lehi's dream, and how Nephi is revealed all about our time and times to come. And about the Devil's church, it's crazy. But I really like his teachings. He's a good example to use when we teach! But I also like Mosiah 3:19. It's definitely my second favorite scripture! I love it and I've used it alot. Something else I didn't really know how to describe is how the Holy Ghost may make you feel after your receive an answer, but if you turn to Galatians 5:22-23 it explains how you may feel. It's cool to teach these things to people to show them the true path they should be on! It's cool to see people change! I love you Dad!!
Elder Randall
p.s. Hug EVERYONE for me!:)

Hey Mom,
How are you? I hope your recovery from your surgery went well and that you are feeling better! How was Grandpa's visit? How is he doing? Well I hope all is well at home:) I'm doing very very well here in Africa! We found OREOS! OMG so happy, they were so freaking good!! We are trying to find more but I don't know if we can, but we have a pretty sweet new store, like a real store, that sells American food! I splurged today and bought a Dr.Pepper, mmmm good! But what I mostly eat here now is alot of fufu, spaghetti, rice, indo-mie (ramen), bonku, and some times rice and chicken. But ya, poor man's food, I want some BEEF! or pork. Oh, and we made peanut butter, it's so good! It's not hard either, so ya, I'm learning alot! I am having a blast, too! P-day was with the zone and we played soccer, which sucked. It gets boring, but it's good exercise! Then we went and bought food and I got dad a sweet jersey, but you won't see it till you get the pics sorry! LOL. But I love you mommy and I miss you alot. I'm learning alot here and I can't wait to talk to you again! Stay safe! Hugs from Africa!
Elder Randall
p.s. Hug and kiss everyone for me!

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