Monday, April 30, 2012

letters dated March 19, 2012 (homesick?)

Hey Mommy!
I just wanna say Me do wu ! (I love you) pa pa pa pa bay bray (a lot a lot alottt)! I miss you and our trips to the doctor's or the store, or to school, or eating. I loved having Cody-mommy time. I'm definitely a Mama's boy for sure. LOL. Not afraid to admit it. But it's transfers here in Africa and I'm getting a new companion. YAY! But big news is that our mission is going to be split into the Ghana Kumasi mission and the Ghana Cape Coast Mission. Crazy, huh? I still don't know where or what side I'll be put in, but I hope I'm with my MTC mates so we can go home together. It would be sweet and I like most of my American MTC mates. But, this week should be good/ interesting. IDK what's to come or to happen, so we will see:) But, I just want you to know that I love you mom and am so very thankful for you love and your guidance of and for me in my life. You're an amazing mom. Keep it up. Just a long way still to go:) LOL! I love you!!! Be safe!
Love your son!
Elder Cody Randall

Hey Daddy!
I hope all is going well at home and you are able to continue to build plenty of houses. You know something I miss is waking up on Saturdays and helping you maintain the house. Maybe at the time I didn't enjoy it cuz I thought I had better things to do. But I didn't. Looking back on it now, I can't wait to come home and spend Saturday morning with the family and help clean and all those things. I never really noticed how hard and how much you REALLY did work for us. I want to be able to help you and be there for you. So be ready to put me to work..yard work, painting, shopping, anything, I'm there as long as I still have at least a little free time for my friends and myself. But I'll be getting a job and everything, no worries!:) You can see how hard you've worked through the things you've accomplished and you've worked HARD! There are things you've accomplished that I don't think I ever will. We'll see though!:) "Cuz I've been watchin you, dad, aint that cool, I'm your buckaroo, I wanna be JUST like you and eat all my food and grow as strong as you are!":) It's a country song, "Watchin You", but it's the truth. I love you dad, you're such an amazing example and an even more amazing father! I love you and will be forever grateful to you for everything!! I love you, be safe, and stay strong:) Me do wu ( I love you)! Nyame do yin ya na (God loves us all)!!
Elder Cody Randall

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