Sunday, April 1, 2012

letter dated February 20, 2012

Elder Randall and Elder Rogers
Hey Mom!
Man, oh Man, have I been busy lately! I haven't written in like 2 weeks, crazy, feels like just yesterday I wrote you guys letters. But everything is going ok here in Ghana. I'm doing good!:) Eating well, bought 5 boxes of mac and cheese, made more spaghetti, and I learned how to make tortillas:) So I'm going to start making breakfast burritos now, mmm sounds so good. Gibson my zone leader taught me how so I'm excited:) Tonight I made like a fried chicken pillow. It was amazing! Keep sending me the tuna, it's good!!!:) Like alot would be great. Dinner tonight was fried pillows and a scone and kool-aid, then lunch spaghetti, and breakfast was 2 tiger's milk bars. and ya today was cool! I pet a crocodile and I felt like Tarzan. I walked on top of trees! It was sweet!:) Had alot of fun. We didn't get to go out too much last week cuz my tummy was bothering me, but Friday was zone leader splits. It's where the zone leaders come here and one zone leader goes with 1 companionship and the other ZL goes with the other. We had Gibson. He's cool, but I like Rogers a lot, too. It was sweet. We taught Derek, the blind kid, then we committed Andy (21 year old boy) and Shaddrack (Andy's friend) to baptism for March 3rd. It'll be sweet! Then we taught some more, it was a sweet day. I'm definitely learning things, plenty of things here! And growing, but not by my belly, spiritually and mentally!:) I love you Mommy! I hope all is well. I'm doing well. Always in my mind and prayers!
Elder Cody Randall

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