Monday, April 30, 2012

email highlights 3/26/2012

Okay, so my day was sweet:)) first, i got hit by a taxi! I ended up on the roof! But anyway, I dented the front fender pretty bad and cracked his glass, but I'm fine:) Nothing, no harm done to me, I'm fit as a fiddle, I'm a beast!:) Heavenly Father blessed me:) But then we went to Cape Coast and met the other missionaries in my zone at the Cape Coast Castle and we took the tour, and took some sweet pics:) Then we went and had pizza:)) sooo good, well kinda haha. and now I'm here. Soon we have to go:( we have an appt. soon. But ya, my new companion is sweet, we are working hard!!! Like super hard. haha. We taught 23 lessons in 3 days, and had 45 gospel convos, and have 6 new investigators. We work hard and do work:))We are really taking our time with the investigators making sure that they understand all the material so they can be strong members and not just less actives, u know! lol, but ya, things are sweet here:) I love you!!

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