Monday, April 30, 2012

letter March 27, 2012

Hey Mommy:)
Man this past week has been crazy! I finally got a new companion. His name is Elder Martin, he's from Houston, Texas. He's not much of a sports guy, but I guess he was really into power lifting back home. But he's tight. He's 21. We started our companionship 3/21 and on Weds. I showed him around the area and took him to meet people, it was cool. Then Thurs, Fri, and Saturday we went to work! In those 3 days we taught alot. In those 3 days we taught 19 lessons, 3 member present lesson, 1 less-active, 6 new investigators, and 45 gospel convos. I must say I was happy! Working hard. I'm tired!! This week has been so busy I still haven't washed my clothes yet! Man! Sorry about emailing, too, like it took forever to sign in to my lds account, and then I had like 45 mins. messaged you then Dad then Court then Jed then Sami and Dustin. By the time I finally got your email it was 11 mins left. But anyways, sorry:( I miss you mommy! For P-day, as I said, I got hit but I'm fine. The car is messed up though. Huge dent in the side and cracked window. Funny, no harm to me, nothing:) Be we went and toured Cape Coast Castle then went and had pizza with all the other missionaries in my zone. It was fun! Had a sweet day! Then we came home and taught a kid named Francis. It was cool, didn't come home till like 9:30. Anyway, KIA KAHA!
Elder Cody Randall

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