Sunday, April 1, 2012

letter to Brendan dated 2/20/2012

Hey Brendan!
How are you doing? I can't believe the Patriots lost, again! Crazy.
Fante and Twi are the 2 languages I speak and sure, I'll teach you some:)
Me pe wata = I like your shirt
Wu achill= you're ugly (LOL)
Nyame do wu = God loves you
Nyame ye yesu ba = God is the Father of Jesus Christ
Wu bomb pie = pray 
Mi woe hoe =  I'm here
Aye yay paaa = very good      
Medase = thank you (ma-da-see)
Yonco = let's go (Yawn-coe)      
Afrowoden = What's your name (a-frow-o-den)
Coun = Faster                           
Bebeenie = black man (bee-bean-e)
Jedeen = shut up (Yed-een)     
Obruni = white man
in yeshaye = no problem (in-ye-shay)
yo mati - okay, I hear you
etizane = how are you? (eti-sane)                
Min i why a ca = I won't talk to you again (mini-why-a-ca)
Wu ye den = what are you doing?
controphy = gorilla
Hope that's enough:) Haha. sorry you probably won't be able to pronounce anything right, but aye yay:)
Love you, keep me updated bud:)
Elder Cody Randall

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