Monday, April 30, 2012

letter dated 3/4/2012
Hey Mom!
It seems like forever since I wrote you. Sorry about that. I've been super busy lately, it's crazy. This past week kinda flew by! Monday was Mission Tour which was cool. Learned about the importance of OPENING MY (your) MOUTH (OYM) to everyone you meet. We are disciples of Jesus so we should act like him. If Jesus sat next to you in a taxi, and he didn't talk to you, would you be happy? No, lol. so talk:) Then Tues was p-day. Super fun, went and played soccer on a turf field. Had a ton of fun. Weds and Thurs I was sick:/ Power has been going out lately but it's okay. I'm surviving. Friday I went to Yamoransa on splits with Elder Udo-Bassey, a Nigerian, he's cool, taught some really powerful lessons:) Then I had to wash all my clothes that I had on cuz I had to spend the night and I didn't want to stink for the baptism. So I stayed up and washed till 1 a.m. then I came back to Mankessim, which wasn't planned, but I did and found out non of our investigators are ready yet, so next couple of weeks. LOL. So Sat. baptism. Sunday fasted and had a good church day. then we ate at 2 families houses. I'm so full! But I still yearn for my mama's food:) I love you! And I hope all is well at home. Tell everyone HI for me:) Kisses and Hugs to all! Can't wait to hear from you! I LOVE YOU!
Love from Africa!

Elder Cody Randall

letter dated 3/12/2012
Hey Mommy:)
How are you? I'm doing great today!:) I had a fantastic P-day, we played soccer on the turf field again, it was sweet! Then got subsistence (money), then we ate fried rice and chicken and then we left. I found some kool-aid jammers and bought 10 cedis worth and bought some more mac & cheese. Yummy, enjoying I am:) How are things at home? Having fun? I am well. I'm doing my best! How was Dustin's bday? Anything fun happen?:) Nothing too exciting here. They had a funeral for Elizabeth, our recent convert that passed away this past Saturday. I heard it was good:) We're teaching some pretty cool kids now, too. Enjoying:) I'm enjoying my apartment :) Still waiting on your HANDWRITTEN LETTERS!!
I mean, if you expect me to write them, I want some from you, too!!:) Only fair, right?:) Well, Mom, I love you so so so so so X infinity much! Be safe. Hugs & Kisses!
Love your son,

Elder Cody Randall

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