Friday, January 13, 2012

email December 5, 2011 to his Dad

Thanks Dad! I love you and I know why I am here - to bring the gospel and eternal salvation to people's lives. I can't say I love it here, but I do really like it. It's not too bad. I love the people and we are having 4 more baptisms on Dec. 10th. So it's sweet, I'm working hard and sharing with people what you have taught me about the gospel and the truthfulness. I know sometimes I was a butt and a pain and you dealt with me and told me what was right. Thanks Dad! I'm glad you're my father. Make sure u keep a tight rope on Dustin and Brendan. We might be older and the decisions might be harder, but with what you have taught us we can easily conquer and overcome those hard decisions because of what u taught us and how u taught us to live. I love you and hope all is well :)
Love your son.

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