Friday, January 13, 2012

email from December 12, 2011

Hey mom!
I am feeling better now. How are you? Africa is sweet, i m learning alot. Baptized all 3 people Saturday, it was so cool :) But today we just played basketball. I just sent you a long freaking nice letter and the computer deleted it. ughh. But Africa is sweet. I miss you all. I am teaching alot and we are learning and walking alot. I sent u alot of cool stuff from here and i need to tell you about the stuff in the package. haha.
But ya, um, I want a freaking hamburger, fries and shake so bad right now. Ugh. so bad, but ya Africa is sweet and losing weight, and cleaning, its fun:)))
Ya, I got the package, it was in good shape. It's hotter then heck here, its sooooo hot i don't like it and it never rains really here, it's maybe rained once. i sent u a long letter in the package i sent explaining life here so u will know everything soon:)
But mom, I have to go. i love you so much and thank you for everything:) Tell everyone I'm happy and fine, and i baptized 3 myself and i have 5 baptisms all together soon to be more:) love you, be safe mom!!:)) tell everyone hi for me. Thanks for everything again. bye:)

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