Wednesday, January 18, 2012

email 1/9/12 highlights

Sorry, the internet ran out last time:( but i m back another week later....the guy we went to festival with is Prince, he isn't that big, but African's hands are hard to size cuz they do all manual labor, lol (Cody wanted to get him a CTR ring but wasn't sure about the size). But his home town was maybe a 30 min drive from Makessim and we just walked around, ate fufu, he took us to the beach, and the festival. It was sweet:))
Today me and Kebbie went and worked out at my investigator's house (Ekow is his name) in Salt pond and it's a 30-45 min. bike ride but his gym is tight. We go there in the morning and work out at his homemade gym, and it's made from like gear parts and cannon balls, it's legit and the guys huge, ahah bigger than me. That, and washing is all i did today. Elder Kebbie is from Sierra Leon. Dodd and Hunt went to Cape Coast.  And yesterday we went to Sis. Elizabeth's, another investigator, and i trimmed a million of her bushes and trees and it was cool.
We have alot of appointments tomorrow 2:30 and after we are FULL. lol. We are giving our investigator and his brother a b of m. They receive one when we know they r serious haha. They read English, so they are English b of m's.
We ride our bikes everywhere. The bikes we have now are alot better and they should last. 
Thanks for all the prayers. I love you all. It's not easy though, I work hard for the things I am doing and that i have:) ahaha Kia Kaha, i will be forever strong.
I have to go soon so i love you, take care, say hi to brendan and happy birthday to him. Give him a big hug and kiss. Tell dad and everyone else hi too:)))). Tell them I love them alot and i can't wait to talk to u all again, this emailing is like one of the highlights of my week. But ya, i love you and i can't wait to see u all. I better be getting some pictures and a case for them:) u know u are allowed to send as many packages as u want?:)) lol 1-1000?? lol just saying...
Oh, and i decided i was going to send home my sd card instead of a cd. It'll be cheaper, and the cd might break:) Tell Dustin to check his email. I love you till next week :) Hugs and kisses!!:))) bye:)
Elder Cody Randall

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