Friday, January 13, 2012

letter from November 23, 2011

Hey Family!
How are things? Africa is great. I went on my first split today, it was powerful! Committed 3 people to come to church, 1 to baptism, and found a new investigator, and not even in my area! Crazy stuff! I hope you all enjoyed my letters!
I love and miss you all more than I ever thought possible. I am so blessed and thankful for all of you guys!
Now in my area we are having 2 baptisms Saturday, Sis. Joana, a 23 year old barber, and Jr. a 13 year old boy. They are extremely excited! We also have 5 promising investigators and 1 I committed to baptism in December. The spirit was so strong it was awesome! I love it here. I'm kinda hungry ALOT! and I freaking have blisters GALORE on my feet:/ Oh well, part of the work! Love you all! Be safe!
Elder Cody Randall

P.S. Happy late birthday Mom! & Happy Thanksgiving!

       My Fante name is Quacy Potoco (Qua-cy Po-to-koo) BEAST!

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