Saturday, September 22, 2012

Letters dated 7/15/2012

**First, an apology from Cody's Mom, who has been terrible at updating the blog. The mail hasn't been very good lately, recently receiving 8 letters in 1 day, then going a month with nothing.:( So, I will strive to do better**

Letter 7/15/2012
Dear Mom,
How are you?! I hope you're getting all of my letters! Hey, so guess what? I love you! So this week has been great. Monday, nothing too exciting, just went to Takoradi and pulled out money and went to the Internet cafe. And I got to email you!:) Tuesday, district meeting then we went and I took all of my pants to the "sew man" to resize, and then we taught 3 people. It was great! Weds. was dead, no appointments stuck, they all fell through! But it's ok. Pec and Ward council were good! Thurs. was great, saw a new investigator and a girl and boy, preparing them for baptism. Friday, saw another new investigator, one lesson fell through but it's ok, we saw another new investigator and Justice, a recent convert who's moving to Accra. Saturday was great! Went out and saw another new investigator, then we organized activities at the church. It was sweet! almost all of the youth came and 2 or our investigators came and didn't want to leave LOL it was great!:) Sunday was great! I was asked to give the opening prayer, then we taught 2 of our investigators, it was great! Today was a good day. I made some no-bakes and a new stew and mmm the stew is yummy! Fried onions, green peppers, garlic, yummy, and ya, my "taste buds" have changed!:) So how is everything? Still wanting handwritten letters from you all! Oh, and pictures, too! I love you mommy! and I miss you all so much! I'm doing great and loving it here! I can't tell you how grateful I am to you and dad for everything! I love you!
All my love,
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Dad,
I Love You! pu paaaaa pu! (very much)
I told Mom all about my week, so you can read it there. LOL. This week I've been reading Mosiah and D&C and wow! King Noah was a wicked man! Chapters 15 & 16 are great chapters testifying of Christ and how we can be with him again. I learned alot in them. Seriously, my book is like a coloring book, I think it's quite funny!lol Chapter 18 is good as well, talks about Alma and his conversion and where he was. Do you know who baptized him? Read 18 and you'll find out! I've also come to find out that that Doctrine and Covenants was going to be called the book of commandments. Crazy, huh? But I came to know through study that verse 6-7 in section 1 are like a preface to the D&C. Verse 9 is self explanatory, and 16 talks about how we should have our priorities straight and go on a mission....................Anyway, I hope everything's going great at home! I love and miss you all! And I'm letting you know I'm great!:) I am growing in aspects I didn't even know were possible! I love you, be safe daddy!
With all my love,
Elder Cody Randall

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