Tuesday, October 30, 2012

letters dated August 12, 2012

Hey Mom!
How are things back at home? This past Tuesday I received your envelope you sent! Got here quick, thank you very very much for everything that you sent, the chicken, tuna, jerky, mixes, toothpaste (which was much needed), shampoo, EVERYTHING! THANK YOU! I did notice on the package list deodorant, but there was none, so hopefully you just forgot it and no one stole it. LOL But again thank you so very much. Oh, also for the book. I've been reading almost everyday, it's a great book:) So how are you? Hope all is going well. I miss you all!!! Sooo my week hmmm...It was fun, I guess, LOL. Monday-p-day, played soccer and scored 3 goals, ya boy! Then emailed in Takoradi and then went and had a good FHE with Angelous. Talked on how we should feed our spirits and not our body. Tues- District meeting was powerful:)  I must say. I instructed on Honesty and WOW the spirit was with me it was awesome!:) The most powerful instruction I've given yet. The rest of the day was good, taught 3 lessons, good day. Weds- taught 2 really good lessons:) and had PEC. Thurs- was kinda a bust all but 1 appt fell through, but the important one we saw  had a really good lesson:) Friday- decided to explore the unknown areas of our area. Found a man named NaNa, smart, said he's really interested and had a really good lesson with him:) Sat - the day was filled with walking,  no one home LOL so we helped clean the church and ate Banku and coconuts mmm yummy!:) Sunday church was good:) Had 3 investigators come to church. Taught them really good lessons! We are preparing to baptize 2 people this coming Saturday, exciting!!:) So that was my fun filled week which included me dancing Azonto and people calling Kwasi Pataku:) So I love you all, have a great week!
Love and Hugs,
Elder Cody Randall        mi do wo!

Dear Dad,
Hey Pops! How are doing? How's work? Church? the family? Any questions you got for a son who wants some?:) LOL So this past week, I got the book you sent me "The Discourses of Brigham Young" WOW, he was a great, spiritual man! When I've been reading it I can still feel the power and conviction that he probably had while saying what he said. It's awesome I really like it alot! Thank you for sending it. I've been highlighting the passages I like, hope you don't mind. So, I've been studying that, along with Alma 17. I really like the example the sons of Mosiah set in 17:2-3 it shows us what we should do and how we can be strong in the faith or gospel.  v. 11 I like as well instructions on how to be God's instruments. 18:30-35 I like as well, real teaching tools in such an old book. lol. I also started reading the Bible I read Gen 1-6 and I learned things lol. Ch 1 talks about the days of God's creation. I also learned in ch 2:10-14 of 4 rivers that flowed the Garden of Eden. Ch 3:14-15 curse upon Satan. v. 22 how we are like Gods. Ch 4:11-15 curse of Cain, also in Moses 5:37-41. Ch 5 geneology. Ch 6 drew a question on v. 6 it says the Lord repented, can God repent? (see Moses 8:25) Also read Matthew 1-7, Ch 1 talks alot on the conception of Jesus 1 8-25. Ch 3 Jesus baptism 13-17 & John the Baptists instructions (3:2-3) Ch 5 2-11 they are key indicators of blessings. God will still bless the wicked cuz he loves them, and if he didn't he'd be taking away their agency. Cause they know they need to be righteous for blessings. But God blesses the righteous more because of their righteousness. Also v. 16 is nice to read:). Also v. 34-35 don't swear! v. 44 advice:) ch 6:1-7 why we shouldn't pray and boast of blessings miracles. Also v. 14-15 Forgiveness v. 19-21 read and apply. v. 24 speaks for itself. v. 31-33 blessings from tithing:) Ch7:7-11/ v. 13-15 straight is the gate narrow is the way:) Things I learned! I love you Dad! And am so grateful for you. Have a great week!
Elder Cody Randall

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