Tuesday, October 30, 2012

letters dated August 5, 2012

Dear Mom!
How are you? How was SeaWorld? Did Brendan win their games? I  hope all is great:) This past week was really good! Still pushing back those people we wanna baptize till they are ready. It should be, at the latest, the end of this month. So my week: Monday woke up, cleaned the apt and played soccer in Takoradi and afterwards the couples brought lunch for everyone, chicken sandwiches and chips. mmm so good!:) Tasted small like home! Then emailed and went to Angelous's house and had family home evening. It was really good:) Tuesday - District meeting was good but the day was kinda a bust all our appointments fell through. It's ok though. Wed- taught 2 really good lessons and had a good PEC. Thurs- was good taught 3 really great lessons:) Friday- taught another 3 great lessons. Saturday was fun!:) went to the beach and rode the canoe again, looked for some shells and taught 2 great lessons. They don't speak Fanti there, they speak Ey-way. It's crazy hard to learn but I've learned like 5 words LOL. Sunday was good had 3 investigators come, testimony meeting was good and ward council was good as well, it was great!:) Great week, great companion, and great amazing family!:) I love you Mom! And I can't tell you enough times how much I love and miss you! Be safe!
All my love,
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Daddy,
How are you? I hope work is good and well and everything is going smoothly. How are things back at home? I pray all is well!:) This past week was really good! Working hard in the Lord's vineyard:) This week study was good. Read in Alma 11:2 talks about judgement kinda like our judgement system today. Alma 11:21-46 its a powerful discussion Alma and Amulek had with Zeezrom, it kinda makes me laugh every time I read it. It's a good chapter about the resurrection and judgement:) Alma 12:10-13 all about how we shouldn't harden our hearts and what will happen if we do. Spiritual death 16-18 and why the fall happened 22-26 along with our probationary state 37 is key:) Alma 13:3-4 I like and the rest talks about the priesthood, the Melchizidek priesthood and 27-30 are key:) I like to use the word "key" alot now, lol. and Alma 14 showed and gave me a great example of long suffering. All Alma and Amulek went through - man WOW! But I know this church is true, the ONLY true church and I'm so grateful to you and mom for bringing me up in the church. I love the Book of Mormon and learn something new every day. It's great!:) I love you Dad! Remember, feel free to ask me any questions. I love you, be safe!
All my Love,
Elder Cody Randall

Dear Lauren,
Hey sweetheart! How's my little princess?! I hope you're doing GREAT!! I'm doing good. Having fun here in good ole Africa!:) Everyone who sees your picture says you're so beautiful and so cute! I just smile and laugh and say YEP! that's my sister!:) Yesterday was alot of fun. We went out to the island in my area. We took a canoe across the river. Then when we got there we went and looked for seashells and stuff like that, didn't find too many, but it's okay:) Then we went to a member's house to visit and they made us food, it was yummy. Then we went and taught 2 really good lessons. It was alot of fun. And church today was fun, too! Oh, mom told me you're doing great in volleyball, you're like the best one on the team and you're a natural athlete like your brothers:) It's good to know!:) I love you and miss you soo oh so much! I hope you have a great week and are having a great summer!:)
Elder Cody Randall

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