Tuesday, July 3, 2012

emails 6/4 and 6/11/2012

Email highlights 6/4/12

Yes, its rainy season, it will only rain more, haha. But its okay. I got my packages and yummy!! Thanks so much for them im so thankful and grateful. I loved the letters and the pics!!J I want more pics! I’m in Sofokrom, not Kojokrom. My area is good, teaching a lot and should have a baptism this month some timeJ . And idk if or who will be going this transfer. Hope all is well. This week was good, had fun. Had interviews on Tuesday, went very well, um then I was sick until Sunday, went to church, had meeting to go to, then came home to lights out, power outL Then it came on finally in the late night. Then we came here today and played football, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee, and it was fun on the beach!J and now im here emailing u. Let’s see what the week has in store for me.J And yes, I bought the book of Ghana, I’ll be getting it soon cuz it can only be bought in Accra. I love you mom and AGAIN I AM SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING U HAVE DONE FOR ME!! Send my love to alllll!!!J


Email highlights 6/11/12

Well, I’m not going anywhere. Nwoko is being transferred but not far so I will still see him all the time. I’m getting a new companion named elder Mbeson. He was in the MTC the same time as me. He’s really cool, I’m excited. I’m doing very well and having tons of fun!:] Tell Lauren “go girl!” on scoring 2 goals soccer champ!! Ahaha. I am missing out on so much. What Mom u sent me 2 more packages? You’re crazy thank you so much!:]]] You have no idea how grateful I am!!!J I love you so much and miss you all like crazy but I’m working hard and learning tons, but I still miss you! No amount of work can deny that! This past week I went to go see a family and taught them a spiritual thought, and when you go to their house you have to walk through a school for the deaf, so when we walked through all the kids ran to me and hugged me and smiled and I had no idea how to act since I didn’t know how to sign and they couldn’t hear me so I just smiled and waved and embraced all of their hugs!:] It was so neat! Then after we left the lesson they taught me how to sign “how are you? “ “I’m from America” and “I am SUPERMAN” haha. So when we left I asked as many as I could how they were and I was from America and that I was superman!!J It was such a neat and cool experience and so humbling!! I love you mom. Have a great week! Send my love to everyone!!:]]


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