Tuesday, July 3, 2012

email 5/28/12

rainy season
Email highlights 5/28/12                   

Hey mom I miss you and the family so much. I love you all so much, too. You guys are so amazing. I hope everything is well and send my greetings to all the family in Tucson!!! I’m glad you got all my pics. Yes, I sent tons of them, I know, sorry, haha. But how is everything at home? Everyone done with school yet?? Thanks for the email of everyone. It is rainy season here, its been raining A LOT hah its cool though, I love it a lot and I love my area, it’s so fun. I cant believe it’s almost transfers!!!! It’s flown by, its swwweeeeett I can’t wait to get all my packages, I should get them tomorrow, but we’ll see fingers crossed!! I can’t wait to see what’s inside!J ) I love you all so much and happy to hear ur all good and having fun in Tucson!!J ) I love you all more than words describe..farther than the deep blue sea runs and more than the ninja turtles love pizza!J ahha I love you all!!!J )




Letter dated 5/20/2012 (received 6/15/12)

Dear Family!

How is everyone? I’m doing grand-tastic! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I called home and talked to you, it feels like just yesterday! CRAZY! But this past week has been sweet! Didn’t teach too many lessons, but it’s okay, we did our best, they just fell through - that happens sometimes. Sooo no problemJ . Had a baptism on Saturday, I was “John the Baptist” LOL. Our baptism on Saturday, started at 4 p.m. then out of nowhere a GIANT storm blew in, out of nowhere! It was crazy! You could seriously see the dark start to cover the light, it was crazy, but by the time it was baptizing time it started POURING!! And our font is outside, so I baptized Joseph and Rebecca, both 20+ in the rain, it was really really coolJ !! We didn’t leave til 7 cuz of the rain, it was cool though!! Came home to our area where we live - power was out, only our area, it was out all night, didn’t come back till after 3 in the afternoon today, it sucked! But today was cool, went to Sofokrom, my ward, and took sacrament, then we left and went to a unit of about 15 people, if that, and had the rest of church with them, then taught a girl named Rich, she’s cool and smart, too, so it’s sweet!J So, all in all, I’m great, having a lot of fun and learning tons! I love you all! Be safe and know you are all in my thoughts and prayers and heart!

Love & Hugs from Africa! XOXO


Elder Cody Randall

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