Tuesday, July 3, 2012

emails 7/2/12 and 6/25/12

Email highlights 7/2/12

Hey! I just read ur dear elder from last week and it sounded like u all are having a great time. I love the pics! It’s so great to see u all!! Everyone is growing!!J I miss you all tons!! And I hope all is well, and tell Lauren to be happy and that I love her!J haha that’s crazy soo many apricots, haha send me some!!J ) and this week was great, it was really really awesome, I loved this week:J ))))!! I’m doing great and feeling great, and me and my companion are great!! The area I am in is SOFOKROM and it is GRRREEEAAAATTT!!!J I live with 3 Nigerians, elder Akpan, elder Williamson, who was 1 of my MTC mates, and elder Mbeson, my companion. And yes, it is rainy season, it will rain for a while. haha WOW, good job Brendan, tell him I said that! I am proud of him!! And next time we go camping I will be there, maybe, haha, but man I’m loving it here really!!! The things here aren’t too hard, I’ll be sure to explain every picture to you all and you will laugh and enjoy with meJ Aha, so this week was awesome, I sent a long letter explaining it, cuz if I were to write it here it would take the whole hour. So ya, this week was great. Cape Coast came to Takoradi and played soccer today for p-day, it was great, I got to see my dear friend Elder Rogers, love that guy, and all the others, it was really goodJ And I’m getting to look fit, not fatJ haha so I wanna be super ripped!J haha. That’s good that you are working, are you enjoying? Oh, and if ur sending any packages anytime soon, send me shampoo for my hair please, I’m all out, and candy is always invited, as well as cake mixJ haha. I love you all so much and thank u for everything u have done for me in my life and I love you!! Hope you get all my emails!.Hope u have a great week and remember I love you all sooooo very much and I pray for u all the time. I wish and hope and pray that all is wellJ Have a great week, I will, too, and be safe!!J HUGS AND ALL MY LOVE TO VEGAS!! My times up!

Email highlights 6/25/12

Hey Mom! How is work? I see ur working tons!! Ahah sounds fun. I’m great, nothing too new here just a lot of walking and working and having fun though! This week went by super fast, it was sweet.. having funJ oh, btw, I got the book of Ghana, its super cool!!!!J Did you get all the pics I sent last week??? And my new awesome good looking Cody Randall face book pic?? Lol if not please doJ Have a great day at work. Love you mom have a great week!!!! All my love and hugs!!!!

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