Wednesday, May 2, 2012

E-mail highlights 4/24/2012

Hi Mom!
I had a great week, and I'm feeling good:) and the Dr. really didn't say anything just that I didn't damage my rotator cuff, but nothing more. but I got x-rays so we will see what they say soon, if anything, but i feel good:)) We had a sweet p-day:)) we went to the beach then made brownies after the beach:) They were so good everyone that was there says to say thank you!:)) So yes, I got your package and Terri's, sooo good, thank you so much! (that's how I made the brownies).  And I don't care if it was melted, chocolate is chocolate!:) so good:)) ahah and Terri's package was yummy, and bunch of cookies:) so good!:))  And yes, some jokester stuff - it's cool:) haha i wrote her, don't worry!
The teaching is great, we taught alot of lessons, like I wanna say almost 30 lessons last week:) it was tight!
It sounds like u guys are having alot of fun without me. hah some ribs and bathing the dogs and nice cool days playing sports...oh man I'd kill for that!!! but i'm jealous haha, I wanna be home enjoying!::))) But, I'm here enjoying haha and having fun!! I don't think I can skype, but i will let you know. haha i'm excited to talk to everyone!!:))) and lucky missionaries, they don't know what they get to enjoy!! But that's cool. It sounds like a busy week. haha fun:)!
We are preparing 5 people for baptism:) it's sweet!!:) I am excited! we should have them baptized on Saturday:) yayaya ahahah:)
I love you Mommy:) Be safe and have a great week! ur baby boy is ok and he loves u!:)) very very much, i can't wait to talk to u, i miss you so much!! but again, be safe and know that I am good!:))  Sorry about not writing u lately, been busy:/ but i wrote us this week:) so no p!
I love you again. Tell the family hi for me too:)))

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