Saturday, November 12, 2011

E-mail Sunday, November 6, 2011

I sent 3 or 4 pics. idk why the others won't send. but ya hah oh and could i get some kool-aid to-go packs or just something ahah please:) love you all bye!!:)

On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 12:49 PM, Elder Cody Randall wrote:
Alright, yes, you have so many questions and i wish i could answer them all but i'll try.. so the things that i need are a little fan, AAA batteries and AA batteries, tiger milk bars, jerky, the power converter, a big bag of twizzlers, my CTR ring thats on my key chain, my sun glasses and ryan's quote:)) sami said she got my email? she didnt reply. lol maybe u can ask and see if she did cuz i didnt get anything. but i am loving it here! i am leaving the MTC nov. 16 and i dont know why but it won't let me send pics - it makes me mad . but i am loving it  here. the food isn't too bad to get used to u just have to be smart about eating! hah i eat alot of rice and chicken. the fish is grosssssss! i wish u could see what i have to eat, but yesterday i met a man who lives in Ghana and he's biiggg haha he said that he would bring us pizza the next time he visits. i'm soooo excited:) idk if it'll happen though i hope so. he seemed serious hah. but i am going to the temple again this tuesday and im excited\;0 i'm having so much fun here but i'm missing everyone so so so much! tell ryan good luck for me and to be safe. and tell everyone i said hi and that i love them. the MTC is a mind opening experience! it's amazing!! i can't stress that enough! i'm learning so much and my investigators are hard at times but they are really really fun:)  i haven't gotten any lettters from anyone else. hah. idk when i will get them but i'm excited to receive some. if i don't receive any you'll have to give me court's and bradey's addresses again. but anyway... hah! the top bunk in the back corner is the worst but i love all of my roommates! the coolest room for sure! all we need is francom and bush in there and we would be stacked! i get along with everyone and mclennan is a good man. but i just pull my bed off of the top bunk now and sleep on the floor in front of the fan so its not hot at all and i sleep like a baby:)) but we don't cook. i wish if i could cook mmmmmm it would be yummy! hah but i'm excited to go out into the mission field and buy new and cool extraordinary things oohhhhhh booooyyy:))) but ya ha hopefully i can send u pics this time. i will try:) i love you all and tell dustin good luck with baseball loosy goosey haha! and tell lauren to feel better and brendan goodluck with baseball too! and tell dad to take it easy so he doesn't hurt himself again, and u have fun at home:) hah i'm sure u miss going shopping with me. but i miss u all too! but i also need some more shaving cream, too. hah jus saying|:) any way i'll try with the pics. i love you all talk to you soon!!::))

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