Friday, November 11, 2011

Email November 3, 2011

(NOTE: Cody sends/writes emails the same as he texts. So, the punctuation is less than desirable. But he says he can do it faster this way!!)
Hey mom and family - life at the MTC is actually fun!! and no i can't buy anything from anyone leaving the MTC. im here with 70 other new missionaries freshhhhhh. we have been learning alot thou and idk if it's hit me yet either, but i feel like i will be home soon and will soon see everyone but its only been a week since i've been gone! but so far it's been an amazing experience! i am learning alot about the gospel and how to effectively teach it to investigators. we r actually having dry runs on "investigators" (fake ones). but it's really cool and it helps you realize how it is and what u have to do and accomplish. me and my companion have taught 3 people: 2 boys, bro. german and bro. bossman and 1 girl sis. yaa. bro. bossman is a man who wants to learn more about eternal life and how he can live with his beautiful wife and family again. our lesson went well and we r to teach him how to pray and more about church our next lesson. bro. german is about 25, single and a party animal. he likes to drink and smoke but he loves his grandpa who is a member and looks up to him and wants to quit smoking and drinking but doesn't know how to. i asked him if he liked to read the scriptures and to pray and he said yes . and i asked him how it made him feel inside he said great! so i told him maybe when he feels like he needs to smoke or drink that he should read the scriptures or pray and feel that goodness inside with out having to get drunk or have to smoke. he said he would try and do that and he was very very excited! we also asked him to come to church with us that it would also make him feel good. he committed and we r happy. the sis. yaa is difficult. the lesson was going well i guess my companion wasn't being awake or happy enough for her so she said to come back another time when he is more awake and happy. so i did a good job he just didn't. but it was still a fun and good learning experience. church here was good nothing really new. i didn't have to talk in church hah so it was fine. but we r having fast sunday this church which i'm not too thrilled about but it happens. i feel like i'm smaller but idk you'll just have to tell me in the pictures. everyone still loves me cuz i'm so big and i'm making alot of friends. the food is alright. the chicken and rice is really the only thing i will eat. but ya its ok. i need some more jerky and aaa batteries and a lil mini fan and some more tiger milk bars (like the whole box) they taste amazingggggg! haha but everything is going good. how was ur work? i mean did u work yet? and dustin is probably loving driving my truck to school. how r brendan and lauren doing in sports? let me know. thanks for sending that thing to sami! did u let her know you sent it?? but anyway thank you so much i love all of u guys and u guys r always in my prayers:) i almost forgot - yes i went to the temple. i loved it and had a blast :) it is beautiful! i'll try and send pictures:) but i got two books of mormon in the languages Twi (ch-wee) and Fante. Nyame do wu ( God loves you) :) remember that!! hah love you all so much and thank you again!!! talk to you soon:)

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