Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 5, 2011, email highlights

Hey Mom and family! Everything is fine here. Lauren's baptism sounds awesome wish i coulda been there, and you just had to talk about enchiladas huh? oh i want some so bad!!! i wish we could make enchiladas but we can't. No tortillas, it's a bread shop, like bread made in a coal iron stove outside then put in their house. They don't make anything else, it's not really a store, just bread bread or more bread ahaha. I got the pics Lauren looks good and so do u and dad:) best looking family i've seen in a while! haha.
I haven't done much today. Every first Monday of the month we have to deep clean the apartment, which is easy. I haven't gotten the other package yet but i'll let u know when i do. I am going to be sending u one too:)) be ready for Africa in an envelope haha!!
We haven't really gone sight seeing on our p-day. Sight seeing is work haha so we work and sight see when we are working. It's cool but we just walk, walk, walk, and walk some more. We ride taxis and tro tros. Tro tros are vans like our taxi cabs that are full of random people it's weird!!! but ya i had a bike but i broke mine they are crappy and i was riding mine and the pedal broke and the handle bar literally broke in half haha, crazy, huh? but we just walk alot. Fufu is getting better, i guess, i still just wanna chew it! We eat with the members all the time now:). They are looking for better bikes for us now but idk when we will get them but we r just walking now.
Guess what? i was sick, had some tummy problems but i'm all better now:) and oh i got hit by a car.....

(insert Mom freaking out now)

I am still taking my meds i was sick just cuz of the food change but i'm fine now. and ya i got hit by a car just my back... it hurts but i'm ok, luckily i had syrup and oil and a bunch of stuff in my bag, but i'm fine:)
We have taught alot and we have 4 baptism this Saturday the 10th.
My time is out mom i have to go i love you have a good week. I emailed Dad tell him hi and happy birthday love you:)

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