Sunday, December 4, 2011

Highlights from E-mail, Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Mom! Monday is my p-day it's sweeeeeeettt! It's 1525 now and we just played bball so far, next week maybe American football!! I bought a sweet nba jersey cheap 8 dollars, 11 cedis:)
I love my area now it was rough the first day but its sweet now. My companion is sweet i like him alot, hes cool hes like me we have alot in common. He's a country boy who likes to do work and he is a good teacher. we do cook for ourselves mostly. The fufu i had last night with fish head and crab and chicken stew it was ok. i think im just sayin that cuz im hungry! and we live with two other elders, elder Dodd who is from Utah and elder Kebee from Sierra leone. I also got ur package already just fyi and i love you mmmm u have no idea how much u saved me!!!!! but my next package u should send it in the pouches or letters not boxes. u can send plenty of letters for cheaper. i have to pay a 13 dollar duty on the box but the pouches/letters whatever they r that r flat rate have no duty. just make sure u put everything in a ziplock bag please.
I am eating alot of wanna be top ramen, eggs, and bread.  i only drink water here or expensive soda cuz its imported, but no milk or cereal. The milk is expensive, like 15 cedis. I have had fufu twice and its okay ha its weird to swallow and the crab is yummy, fish head is ok, but the crab here so far is yummy but like i said my companion is so sick!! We are saving the potatoes for a special day Thanksgiving we will pig out. But they don't celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas or Halloween here so i need candy. they don't sell it here.
Ghana is okay still nothing like home. im going to wash my clothes today by hand for the first time. we will see how it goes. i rolled my ankle playin ball. sucks. All the other elders like me, hah im the big man! the heat im getting used to.
We are having a baptism on saturday this week maybe 2, a small boy we r teaching Jr, ready to be baptized just need to brush up on things. We r teaching about 7 people and all possible baptisms soon:) i am eating my vitamins, and i sleep under a net. idk how much longer i can be on here but the cafe is a hole in the wall literallyyyyy. thats why i cant send pics sorry. hah ummmm idk what else u wanna know but i hope Lauren's bday was awesome. im glad u got my letters i sent more i love you guys so much and am so thankful for u all!!! i miss u and happy birthday mom and eat plenty for me. i will write some phrases down for u next week to learn:) i love you all be safe today. love u!!!!!!!!!!!muahhhh

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