Sunday, December 4, 2011

E-mail November 13, 2011

Hey mom how are you guys all doing? I will be leaving the MTC in about 2 days. I am so excited!! I can't wait to get out of here. I don't like the MTC anymore. Me and my companion are great. He's a great guy and a funny kid. idk if I can print out all the pics I took for him so I might have to send him the pics when I come home from my mission. I can't stand sitting in the dumb stupid class rooms any longgggeerrrr. It sucks. I love it here thou its a lot of fun but i seriously just want to go out and teach already!! I can't express to you how ready I am. I've learned so much about teaching and it's sweeettttt. The  biggest thing I have learned is that you must teach the people and not worry about teaching them the stupid lessons. It's about the investigator's needs and what pertains to their life, not the words on the page!
I sent u guys all letters so let me know when u get them. Sami did write me i got her email. I wanna know when u send the package pleaseeee. I didn't want a big fan, just a little like portable one that uses batteries itd be great!! But tell Dad and everyone hi for me and that i love them. Tell the extended family, too.
The temple was great and we had a great time and i got some sweet stuff for cheap:)) i got the b of m cd set and the new testament cd set, two b of m and 2 of the children b of m readers for 5 dollars!!!!!!!!!! crazyyyy its so cool though:) im not coming home with really anything i brought i am going to buy some sweet stuff here:) uggh I'm ready to leave here cuz the French r annoying me hah. But i don't know when i'll be able to email again because i am leaving the MTC the 16 so i am out of here. I don't know where i'm serving or my new companion but i've met some pretty awesome kids here that i won't ever forget! It's going to suck saying bye to them. I've been playing alot of soccer during exercise. Anyway, im lost in which questions i've answered and which ones i havent so im sorry if i didn't answer all of them but im out of time. Tell Lauren happy birthday and i love here and im sorry im not there. i love and miss you all so much. hope ur not having too much fun cleaning without me:) haha love you all!

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