Sunday, December 4, 2011

E-mail November 17, 2011

Hey mom and family! i love you all so much and i am so grateful for everything you have given me. Africa is tough it is kicking my butt big time. it's hot, the food sucks, not alot of clean water and the power goes out alot so no fan:( but the good things are the weight loss (hopefully), the walking, the tanning, and learning things for myself. But also giving people the opportunity to hear the gospel and how true it is!! We are about to baptize a sister and we just got a new investigator today. They speak Fante here, not Twi, which blowwwwwsss hah. It's hot and wet but ok i guess.....had fufu didn't like it much hopefully it will change though hah. I'm serving in the Makessim area, but ya ha im here by the ocean humid and hot as ever. Everyone calls me big white man hah it's funny. I have a sick companion his name is Elder Coleman Hunt he's from Washington State, Seattle, he's my age and a country boy but he's tight and he's only been out for three months ha crazy, huh? but im goin to be teaching a new companion in 3 months also so crazy, hah, im scared. The language they speak is hard and difficult to understand. i hope u get my letters and i hope i get ur package soon if u send it flat rate i don't have to pay a duty just fyi. aha, but i love you all and i hope all is well. Tell Dad i love him and thanks for everything i miss you guys so muchhhhhhhhhh. i know the church is true. everyday i open my eyes and am so happy and scared and thankful i honestly want to just cry sometimes. but something the pres assistant said is real mean or strong men stay here. babys and whimps go home. i am strong i am true and i will stay! i will be an amazing missionary!!!!! Tell everyone hi and i love them. Talk to you soon muah happy late bday Lauren!!!

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