Sunday, December 4, 2011

highlights Tuesday, November 29, 2011 e-mail

Hey mom. sorry i was so busy yesterday so i can email today but how are u? things here are beautiful and sweet ha i love it hmm i think? but ya:) i miss u all and love u all.  but u will never guess what i had for thanksgiving dinner:)
We bought a chicken, killed it deep fried it then made rice and potatoes and hot dogs mmmm such a feast:)))
We went down to Cape Coast yesterday and played footballlllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the beach:) ahah ya it was so much fun!!
We have an apartment, its like a little house with 2 bedrooms, tile floors, a kitchen, bathroom and eating room and its cool i guess. not like all... but we are around a bakery and there are lots of kids everywhere haha so its cool. the bakery sells just bread, nothing else no cookies here or anything sweet just wanna be ice cream:/
My fante name is quacey potokoo (qua-cey Po-tae-koo) means sunday born wolf or sunday born beast/wild animal:)) its perfect ahha!!
I'm loving it here, the beauty and the people are amazing but i miss alot back home and i hate hand washing my clothes. i hand washed yesterday and made my hands bleed:(( not fun and i have blisters on my feet that hurt so bad:((
I made a list of things to send me:)
hair clippers, maybe salt sugar seasoning, more tigers milk bars more twizzlers like the big package hah tootsie rolls:)) the green apple caramel suckers, skittles, chips, mike n ikes:) maybe more jerky and peanut butter too, and some grape jelly if u can that would be amazing because its so expensive here:/ lined notebook paper alot please, maybe more stamps too, pictures of the house, u guys, my truck, etc. and make sure you put all these things in ziplock bags even if they are already bagged up :)
The Fante language here is hard to learn but i am ok with it. they speak ok english here.
I love you all be safe I have to go now:/ i love you!!!! be safe i work hard and pray for u all every night. kia kaha!!!!!

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